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Bloodfever by Karen Marie Moning
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Jan 30, 2011

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bookshelves: faeries, read-2011, urban-fantasy, adult
Read from January 30 to February 03, 2011

Rating Clarification: 3.5 Stars

I hate pity. Sympathy isn’t quite as bad. Sympathy says, I know how it feels, doesn’t it suck? Pity means they think you’re defeated.

People treat you as badly as you let them treat you.

Your joy can fill you only as deeply as your sorrow has carved you.

There are really only two possibilities one can take toward anything in life… hope or fear. Hope strengthens you, fear kills.

All those are Mac quotes and they are just a small tidbit of the fearlessness, fight and determination this main character shows. I’ve become a Mac fan and I love the way she doesn’t cower to anyone, including Rowena, Barron and V’lane. Even when she was captured by Malluce she gave it her all to fight for herself. As far as this series is concerned she’s the reason I’m continuing with her journey because I love strong characters and fast action.

I will admit with much chagrin and tons of regret that I’m still tripping off of the Barron bandwagon. I really want to swoon over this dark, brooding and mysterious character, but it just hasn't happened quite yet. I think what’s stopping me is the way he treats Mac. I hope he drops his defenses around her and softens up a bit and not just at the final chapters of each book. However, if nothing comes of these two characters in the love department, I won’t be deeply disappointed because I feel Mac is a strong, stand-alone type of girl. There was one part where she said:

Being touched by Jericho Barrons with kindness makes you feel like you must be the most special person in the world. It’s like walking up to the biggest, most savage lion in the jungle, lying down, placing your head in its mouth and rather than taking your life it licks you and purrs.

Gawd! That statement made me sad! I guess I just don’t see affection and love that way, but I’m glad she hasn’t deluded herself with thinking she’s in love with Barron, not just yet anyway. There is a part of Barron I am intrigued by and that is... WTH is he????!!!!!

I like the faery lore, constant action and mysterious intrigue that makes up this series. However, I’m going to hold off on the third book for a week or so. My stomach is still queasy from Mac’s Unseelie chow down and the make out fest immediately after. Barron what were you thinking kissing her right then?! She still had Unseelie between her teeth and Malluce’s decapitated body was right next to you guys. Eww! This was the reason I was going to slip this review in through the back door. I know it’s stupid, but there you have it... That really grossed me out! LOL

Other than that, fun, fast and furious read that I am enjoying!
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Jessica Wooohooo!

~Tina~ Happy Reading!!!

Arlene Excited! After Jessica's review I'm eager to read this!! :)

Jessica *grins*

Arlene LOL, well we both felt the same way about book 1, sooooo.... well let's just say I'm eager to see what happens. :P

Jessica *grins*
I hope you'll like it :)

message 7: by Kim (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kim WTH is he????!!!!!

Bad, albeit really hot, news?

Arlene Oh just tell me please. I don't mind spoilers. I promise.

message 9: by Kim (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kim (view spoiler)

Arlene Gah!!!! I got all excited there for a moment. I already knew that!! Hangs left??? Or is it right??? Tell me please!!

message 11: by Kim (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kim (view spoiler)

message 12: by Kim (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kim Do you really want to know? It will spoil the books because it will be less fun to read them.

Arlene Yeah, I set myself up for that one. I didn't mean the direction. LOL I meant what is he? Okay, I'll just ask Tina. She'll tell me. :)

Arlene Yes, I want to know. :D

message 15: by Kim (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kim Tinaaaaaaa, stop =D

Arlene Tina! Don't listen to her!! That's right, come this way, follow the shiny pretty book...


~Tina~ Don't do it Arlene, there is so much story to Barrons and when ever you get around to reading the rest of the books you begin to see what we mean. He's undeniable and I think you'll be surprised in the end.
Great review, it's hard to love him sometimes, but the man owns me;)

message 18: by Kim (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kim *grins*

message 19: by Arlene (last edited Feb 04, 2011 09:47AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Arlene Boo!!!!

No I'm just kidding. You're right. I'll start them up again in a week or so. I need to finish a few books that I have to send off to other readers. I am enjoying them thought.


~Tina~ Give it to book four and if your still not convinced...tough! You only have one more book to go! Hehehe!

We're only doing this cause we lovvvvvee yooouuuuu XD

Jessica ~Tina~ wrote: "'s hard to love him sometimes, but the man owns me;)"

Yup, Barrons owns my ass, too.

Don't give up, Arlene :)

message 22: by Kim (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kim *gets in line* Yup, owned as well.

Arlene LOL! Oh I'm committed. I already bought book 3 & 4 so I'm reading them for sure. I really like Mac and that's the important thing. I think the Barron crush will come, so watch out! XD

~Tina~ We'll be here to wipe the drool off your face sweetie!

Arlene LOLOL Tina! Never thought I'd say this, but I'm looking forward to drooling. :D

~Tina~ HA! Maybe I should send you this. Just in case;)

Jessica Oooh, that's a good idea, Tina! I need one of those, too! ;-)

~Tina~ I'll just pass it to all the sicklings that caught the fever me thinks;)

Arlene LOL! Okay, I'll take one too! Too cute. :)

message 30: by Lora (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lora (view spoiler) This one's been my favorite so far (not including Dreamfever that I'm currently reading), but I loved your review and agree with a lot of what you said. :)

message 31: by Nic (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nic Great review Arlene! I see were are up to the same book and the same the question WHAT THE FREX IS BARRONS!

message 32: by Kim (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kim *hums*

message 33: by Nic (new) - rated it 5 stars


Arlene @Lora I said the same thing about Malluce reminding me of Lash!! I just told Crystal that yesterday. I think Lash's situation was so much more gross but yes very similar.

Thanks Nic. Yup I already tried to get them to tell me.... no luck!

message 35: by Lora (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lora Kim, you're killing me! (I have a theory, though.)

~Tina~ Look at all you cutie pies getting all frustrated! ~pinches already red cheeks~ Tehe!

message 37: by Lora (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lora Tina, haven't Morgan and I already talked to you about pinching cheeks? ;)

~Tina~ Sure, but you should know by now that me don't listen;p

Crystal Great review! I want to know what Barron is also! Arlene if you find out you have to tell me! I will stay spoiler free until then lol.

Lora you and Arlene were right Malluce was just like Lash! *shudders*

♥Rachel♥ What the heck is Barrons? I'm wondering when I'm going to find out. Excellent review Arlene. :)

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