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Grave Secret by Charlaine Harris
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Jan 30, 2011

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bookshelves: detective-bounty-hunter, enhanced-human, family, ghost, mystery
Read from January 30 to February 21, 2011

Harper, Tolliver, Mark, Cameron, Matthew..

Harper, Tolliver, Mark, Cameron, and 2 little sisters grew up with druggie parents. Cameron & Harper's mother married Tolliver & Mark's father, and had 2 more babies... and the 4 of them work, go to school, and raise the babies... and one day,Cameron was missing, and never found...

Time has passed, and Harper, who can hear the dead after she was struck by lightening... she and Tolliver travel together, using her skills to help others and make a living... the father, Matthew, is recently out of jail and their mother dead; the two little girls (12 & 9) are adopted by their mother's sister & husband... and Harper & Tolliver regularly visit, because they want to stay connected to their family. this is book 4, and apparently Harper & Tolliver became lovers in book 3 - the story is told through harper's eyes.

And in a convuluted way, the story of their past comes to light on this visit... They are in their home town, helping a rich family who wants to know about their father... and harper hears his caretaker died in childbirth and the father died after someone tossed a rattle snake at him startling him into a heart attack.

Matthew, father, is out of jail, and wanting to reconnect with his boys... Tolliver wants nothing to do with him, reminding him of many of hs atrocities... and little by little they discover the truth... Tolliver is shot, along with a private detective they had been working with for years, and a policeman who was acting as protection for Harper...

the rich family's foreman/sister's lover got his father's caretaker pregnant... and when she died in childbirth, he hired a doctor to cover it up and gave the baby to Tolliver's father - who's own 4 month premature baby died because he would not take the baby to the hospital... knowing that his wife would go crazy without the baby... and when the baby was older, and Cameron was doing a science project on genetics and realized that the baby had been changed, and she was going to call the police... but told Mark (the oldest brother) first, and Mark, to protect his father, tricked Cameron away and killed her - storing her body in a storage unit...

and with the foreman's upcoming death of cancer, and their investigation with the doctor, and the father's release from jail, the truth comes out...

Mark is jailed, Matthew/father jailed a little longer (neglect of baby), and Tolliver and Harper marry - and are resting for awhile.

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