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Unveiled by Courtney Milan
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Jan 30, 2011

did not like it
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Read from January 30 to February 02, 2011

** spoiler alert ** Since I didn't have much fun with this book and every review I've read takes it VERY SERIOUSLY, I may as well have fun with my comments. Random things that I did not buy or caused my brow to scrunch up, in no particular order.

* Ash is the poster boy for the Fated Mate/Bonded Male/Destined Lover who won't take no for an answer made famous by Stephanie Laurens and Christine Feehan. The opressive, stalkery FM/BM/DL is unfortunately as common as mud in paranormals and only a few authors are getting it right. This is the reason I stopped reading Laurens.
* Margaret is the poster girl for the self-sacrificing, doormat sister who doesn't question that the responsibility to save her abusive father and selfish brothers is all hers. (Yes, they dump on her in the end - again - after all that futile selfless sacrificing.)
* So far these are characters straight out of the romance novel central casting office.
* Ash stalks Margaret, believing she is a servant. Margaret fends off Ash's advances in the snotty way of 19th century noble ladies because she is, duh, a noble lady masquerading as a servant. Ash, whom we are told ad nauseum has instincts, never questions a servant's giving him lip. She keeps forgetting to stay in character.
* Ash's younger Oxford educated brother says, "Don't do anything I wouldn't do." In 1836.
* When I felt that it was time to wrap this thing up Kindle told me I was 75% finished. At this point, the lovers separate, all hope is lost and we are thrown into page after page after page to wrap up that pesky inheritance/bastardization situation during which time the lovers are APART. Skim, skim, skim.
* The prose is fine, some of it lovely even. I felt as if the well-crafted sentence took precedence over the emotion the author was describing. This was my takeaway. Lyrically described passion and I didn't feel a damn thing. When I'm pulled out of the story to admire a nice simile or poetic metaphor, well, I'm pulled out of the story.

This book has gotten such positive buzz. Odd woman out here. I tried to enjoy it as if it were the Great American Romance Novel. For all the "original" and "different" promised, I found a cache of cliches.

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Nakeesha I totally agree with you on this work! And I love Courtney Milan. Try "The Governess Affair." That story had some wit and a heroine with some gumption!

Diana Thanks, Nakeesha. I was surprised that very few readers were bothered by how this heroine caused most of her own problems. I'm not a fan of martyrs.

Lynne Tull thank goodness, I found your review. I thought I had definitely missed something when I saw all of those 4 and 5 stars. I am in your camp! Good, fun review!

Diana Hey, Lynne, we are definitely outliers here. I still say Milan's writing is self-conscious in that she's more into craft than exploring messy human emotions. I've tried sampling some of her later work in trying to understand why she's so popular and I still don't see it. Oh, well.

Wicked Incognito Now I actually LOOOVE Milan's newest series, so I came back to read this previous series. But I am in your camp. This book is irritating the ever-lovin' hell out of me.

What about that long drawn out secret??? Good god. I thought it would never end. Such a tired plot device straight out of an 80s melodrama. "Oh, I must tell him, he deserves to know....but now is not the right time." "You will tell him the truth or I will." "Ash--I need to tell you something." "Shhhhh....it doesn't matter." Good LAWD! I can't take it anymore.

Marline I would have written my own review, but you expressed everything I felt about this book. I so wanted to like this book because everyone said it was the greatest thing since sliced bread, but it did nothing but bore me. I will try another one of her books as I enjoy her blog, but this one was not for me.

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