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The Madman’s Daughter by Megan Shepherd
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it was amazing
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Okay, so do you guys remember when I read Shadow and Bone and I thought the plot was kinda cool, I liked the side characters, I liked the heroine - I got on board with her weird morality and can-do attitude - but I fucking hated Mal? (I'm writing this on my phone and iOS 10 actually just autocorrected 'Mal' to 'anal' which is basically the gist of it.) Well guess what.

Round two. Motherfucking Montgomery.

This tool. THIS guy. I swear to fucking god. I actually loved Juliet, because she spoke to me and I related to her and she was proactive and she deeply valued her friendship with another woman who was very different than her, but all of it is overshadowed by her completely bewildering infatuation with Montgomery.

He is the absolute worst character in this book. He was agonising to read about. A little piece of me died every time he was mentioned. And he's so unnecessary; this book is so incredibly original (and extremely well-written, paced beautifully and very deft in its retelling of the 'classic' it's based on) but Montgomery is the typical childhood friend turned bland lover that we've seen about 16,000 times before in YA. There is nothing convincing about his feelings about Juliet or about her love for him. And it sullied my feelings for Juliet, because she was smart and sharp and sometimes brutal, but she let herself fall in stupid love with this dumb asshole. Juliet, pull your fucking self together! Fuck.

In some ways, this book belongs to Edward; he is far and away the most captivating character. I loved him. He was dark and weird and sad, and I related to him, as strange as that sounds. He got me right in the feels, guys. The revelation concerning Juliet's nature felt a little flat to me - like, I was surprised, sure, but it didn't feel as shocking as I think it was meant to. But Edward? By god, chaps! That one knocked me right off my chair!

This book was a nice deviation from your typical Victorian fare: there's nothing stuffy or boring about
it, and I fucking hate the Victorians because they're stuffy and boring. I can't stand them. But this book feels...fresh. It feels sprightly and inspired and innovative. I like that it's morally grey and that its heroine has the capacity to be an incredibly kind person but also very ruthless as well. Juliet really, really grabbed me, guys. (Except when she was hanging around that fucking cock Montgomery. What a stupid prick. I want to punch his fugly face.)

I moan, I bitch, I complain. I kid, too. This was actually an incredibly enjoyable read. Dark and twisty and not afraid to be itself. I seriously admire the author for reinventing not only a less well-known 'classic' but also for making it completely her own and by taking thematic risks. This book is not afraid to be gory and weird, and it doesn't shy away from brutality, or from questioning substantial themes like morality and humanity and the blurred lines of family, particular the unfathomable complexity of a father-daughter relationship. It was a nice surprise for me.

So yeah. It was nice.

Except for fucking Montgomery. Fuck off, Montgomery.
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Meagan And I hated it... Lol funny.

Franky Oh my god I'm so happy you liked it! I love this series

Hannah ◇Reader in the Rough◇ I have owned this for over a year and need to actually sit down and open it. Great review!

♥ Ashleigh ♥  contrary to popular belief i'm not actually mad! Hahahahaha best review!! This really brightened my morning.

Angela I enjoyed this as well, though not as much as you, and have been sitting on the two sequels for years now. This review reminds me to get back to them soon!

Cillian I own the sequels; this book's been sitting on my shelf for years, and I never had the urge to even read the first sentence. Then you reminded me via reading status this book exists, and I read it.
While I found it very enjoyable, I'm not dying to read the other two.
I will, eventually...

Jaci Review of the century ! I just finished reading this and after writing my own review I see yours. I have to say I love yours and agree with everything g you said.

message 8: by WolfieGurrl (new) - added it

WolfieGurrl I enjoyed reading this review XD

Alexis This is review is phenomenal lmao. I'm with you 100%. I loved Juliet in the beginning! By the end I was not feeling her at all. I'm half way through the second book and want to rip my face off.

message 10: by WolfieGurrl (new) - added it

WolfieGurrl Is it bad that this review is more entertaining(and I've never read the book being reviewed)than some books I've read?

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