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The Steep & Thorny Way by Cat Winters
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Actual Rating: 4.5*
Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

I will have a full review closer to the release date, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I liked that it was built out of the basic premise for Hamlet and that there were references to the play but it was entirely it's own story and one that needed to be told. I think the best part is that it was "accessible" to people because, even if you haven't read Hamlet, you know the general story line so you had a bit of an idea of what was going to happen. However, this story is so much more than just about Hanalee finding her father's killer and I highly recommend this one.

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December 23, 2015 –
page 15
4.26% "Page 15 and there is a naked man. I am quite enjoying this."
December 23, 2015 –
page 17
4.83% "If Joe is supposed to be Ophelia to Hamalee's Hamlet, will he go crazy at some point? because I might enjoy that."
December 23, 2015 –
page 20
5.68% "YES GIRL YES."
December 23, 2015 –
page 26
7.39% ""Physical injuries" my ass, you want to MJ him."
December 23, 2015 –
page 36
10.23% ""Hollywood handsome" is literally the best way to describe people."
December 23, 2015 –
page 41
11.65% "My heart is breaking."
December 23, 2015 –
page 49
13.92% "I'm not super enjoying the pictures that crop up after each chapter. They feel like I'm actually reading a textbook rather than a novel. And I don't think they are necessary for me to understand this is historical fiction? idk maybe I'm being picky."
December 23, 2015 –
page 67
19.03% "So the thing is that with the pictures to break it up, I'm finding myself take a break after each chapter to do whatever and then going back, reading the six pages of the next chapter and taking another break. It's making it hard to read it in one sitting."
December 23, 2015 –
page 78
22.16% "I mean, I get it, it is a retelling of Hamlet and all, but I still think it's a quick jump from "I believe you didnt kill my father" to planning to MURDER SOMEONE ELSE."
December 23, 2015 –
page 82
23.3% "oh I didn't see THAT coming"
December 23, 2015 –
page 143
40.63% "One thing I really like about this one is that it feels like the time period. We do get some reminders (in text and through the pictures) but with the hatred and the way that Hanalee speaks and even thinks, I am transported to the 1920s."
December 23, 2015 –
page 153
43.47% "okay this is really like tangent, but I HATE honeycombs. The look of them make me get goosebumps. #funfact"
December 23, 2015 –
page 169
48.01% "I'm excited to see what is going to happen from here."
December 23, 2015 –
page 181
51.42% "oh another thing I really like is that the chapter titles are all quotes from the play. Me likey."
December 23, 2015 –
page 194
55.11% "ugh this is all so sad and shitty."
December 23, 2015 –
page 216
61.36% "ugh ugh ugh"
December 23, 2015 –
page 231
65.63% "that was so nice???"
December 23, 2015 –
page 246
69.89% "I like that the chapters are short but still feel as though they give you a lot of information. Also, that was a cray cray chapter."
December 23, 2015 –
page 255
72.44% "I'm trying not to cry but I can feel the tears coming."
December 23, 2015 –
page 255
December 23, 2015 –
page 267
75.85% ""We are not going to let a bunch of bigots put us in graves in the prime of our youth" YES."
December 23, 2015 –
page 274
77.84% "Well I did call that one."
December 23, 2015 –
page 284
80.68% "I like that Hanalee wants to survive, to live, to thrive, but I think I would like to see a bit more of her fear. It is there but it's not enough to quite convince me yet."
December 23, 2015 –
page 309
87.78% "Girlfriend just went 0 to 100 real quick."
December 23, 2015 – Finished Reading

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