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The Forgotten Beasts of Eld by Patricia A. McKillip
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Jan 30, 2011

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The Forgotten Beasts of Eld
by Patricia A. McKillip 343 pages Genre : Fantasy
“Farewell Ter Falcon, Lord of Air; Moriah, Lady of the Night; Cyrin, Keeper of Wisdom, who confounded the three wisemen of the court of the Lord of Dorn”
You can follow these majestic creatures, along with their owner, Sybel, in their adventures all throughout Eld World, where this book takes place. Also breathlessly follow the emotions of Sybel, who went through happiness and all the way to hate, for the evil king Drede.
Sybel lives in seclusion on Eld Mountain with her animals whom she loves dearly. She does not know of the building conflict between the kingdom of Drede and the nine Lords of Sirle and their empire. Drede’s kingdom is growing, attracting many third party kingdoms around Eld World.
One of the most captivating things in this elegant piece of literature is the development of the characters. Drede for example.
In the beginning Corren of Sirle, one of the lords of Sirle comes and gives Sybel a baby, Tamlorn. When he drops of Tamlorn, who is Drede’s son, he comes saying that Drede is a hard and cold man.
Later on in the book, Sybel calls Drede for Tamlorn. Calling is a form of wizardry in which whatever you call comes wherever you send them to. When Drede comes he seems so kind and softhearted.
Then soon after a powerfull wizard starts calling Sybel. She fights it as long as she can but she is drawn to a small wizard’s tower she then finds out that Drede has hired the wizard

to take awway her feelings so she will follow him against her will. She escapes and then starts to plot against Drede. She is taken to Sirle by Corren. There
she plots with Corren’s brother Rok, creating a war of huge proportions against Drede. She called the rulers of some kingdoms, who would have fought for Drede. She even is willing to let her animals fight in the war.
Patricia A.McKillip also wrote the novels The Riddle-Master of Hed, Heir of Sea and Fire, and many others. This wonderfully written book is definitely in third person. because of the many accounts of he,she,and they.
What will happen in Sybel’s war? Will Sirle be destroyed? What will happen to Tamlorn, Sybel, and Corren? The answers to these questions are surprising, so you will want to read the book to find out.

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