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Eye of the Tempest by Nicole Peeler
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Jan 30, 2011

liked it

** spoiler alert ** 3.5 Stars

Hmmmmmm...Jane Jane Jane, what has happened to you!?

Unfortunately this wasn't my favorite book out of the series but I still enjoyed it nonetheless. I kind of feel a little cheated out of Jane and Anyan time, I've loved him since book one and has always been the one I wanted Jane with. At the end of book 3 we get to see something kinda happen between them and a few sparks so needless to say I was excited for book 4. But...I get that there has to be sexual tension and they don't get a happy ending just yet but my god! It was either Jane in a coma or Anyan stuck in beast form. I lost count the amount of times they got interrupted. *Pout*

I know some people agree with me when I say "Jane, you acted like a little bit of a slut in this book. Keep your libido in check." I think it was maybe 24 hours without Anyan and she's making out with Blondie. I hope to dear god that the author doesn't make a threesome out of Jane, Anyan and Blondie. I have no problem with threesomes in smut books but not Urban Fantasy.

The story and the history of the Alfars was interesting and I enjoyed that, pacing was a tiny bit slow for my tastes but overall I still did enjoy this book but I didn't love it.

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