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The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore
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So with the controversy revolving around this series, I decided to once again forgo purchasing this book BUT instead waited for it at the library. I tried my best to refrain from reading the sequel but my curiosity got the best of me. And thank goodness I did read it because The Power of Six was a much better book overall from its predecessor! The writing was of better quality and didn't seem as juvenile as the first. I was very satisfied with the end result and shamefully enjoyed myself too much reading this book! The action packed into the pages of this book was so much more than I expected and was grateful for the never-ending, pulse-pounding, adrenaline-high I got from reading it! It was quite a reading experience and insanely comical to read this book concurrently with Pride and Prejudice! But,in so doing, I appreciated each book all the more!

I am a huge, huge fan of action, both in books and movies! I am also a nerd for superheroes and aliens! Six and Four are like Superman of the Justice League and Thor of the Avengers. How can I resist? Super powers and heroes, good against evil! And, most especially, a kick-a$$ heroine in Six! That's right, the female protagonist is the leader of the pack of aliens out to save Earth and preserve the line of Loriens! I am always excited to find out what Legacies or super abilities both Six and Four have yet to develop or finding the rest of the Guardes, which we do in this sequel. Three of the 6 remaining are introduced, leaving us with just 2 more to look forward to meeting in the next installments.

Though the book is told in Four and Seven's (Marina) perspectives, we learn more about Six as well and about her struggles with her Cepan, Katrina, and how she turned out to be such a bad a$$, how she was captured by the Mogs and how she manage to escape them! I could not tire being in awe of her bravery and of her abilities to fight and how she is always saving Four's lame bu#t! Six is by far my most favorite character in this book! Though she has outstanding powers such as invisibility and ability to manipulate the weather, her wit and her use of weapons and combat fighting are just as amazing! I appreciate the author's efforts (whomever you may be) for making Six the leader and the strongest character in this series. Her maturity and her ability to lead and think far beyond just herself is most admirable. Yeah, she trained Four and Sam in this book. I thought the most laughable parts of this book was when Six put Four in his place during their sparring. Sam is a hilarious addition to the very serious couple as he lightens up the mood!

And talking about Sam, we find out more about his father and the huge role he plays. I am very curious to find out if he is still alive and if Sam finds him in the end.

I thought Marina or Seven was a wonderful addition to the group. She has some astounding powers: telekinesis, being able to see in the dark, breathe under water, and most especially the ability to heal herself and others. I think that is her most powerful ability yet. With a bit more training from Six, I think she'll be another formidable female Guarde to reckon with.

And then there's the cute and adorable Ella or Ten. Surprise, surprise! There's a tenth Guarde and from a second ship! Talk about plot twists and surprises! I have a feeling that Ella will have some really serious and amazing abilities to look forward to in the next book.

And what about that Nine! He too has quite the abilities! I like that anti-gravity ability he has, his X-ray vision, and his super speed! His super hearing and his ability to transfer abilities as well as his power to communicate with animals are very impressive! I wonder if he'll have more to come. His knowledge in the use of some of the gems and stones in the chest could be very helpful to Four and in helping Four possibly develop his Legacies.

As for Four/John, it seems like he is developing an ability to tell the future through his visions. I still wonder if he's ever going to be able to fly. That would be a really awesome Legacy if he does! I was also happy to see his ability to withstand fire and heat save him and Sam. He has a lot more to learn but it was nice to see him develop his fighting abilities through the mentoring of Six. He definitely is still very innocent and gullible especially in the affairs of the heart, which I actually find endearing and infuriating at the same time.

I enjoyed and loved most of the book except for the part where John and Sarah finally meet again. It almost feel like an after thought, a filler. Their exchanges felt forced, flat, and convenient. The lines felt so cliched and hollow. It didn't incite any excitement or emotion from me and it left me feeling disappointed. So much effort was put into the action sequences but very little was devoted into these supposedly heartfelt exchanges between the lovers. I guess we have to look forward to the budding relationship between Six and Four. Not that I mind anyway. I just wish more was done with the ending of John and Sarah's love affair.

Overall, I was satisfied and widely entertained by this sequel! I am definitely reading and looking forward to the next installments. I am intrigued and want to know more about what happens to Sam, where it leads Six and the others to find the other two Guardes led by Crayton, and what's in store for Nine and Four. Bring on the action, the super powers, and some more bu#t-kicking from Six and the rest of the Guarde!!!
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Jacqueline Glad you liked it haha! I thought it was a lot more kicka$$ from the first one! Can't wait for the third haha! If you like Six, you should read her book... I think it's like 0.5! It's actually pretty gruesome when going in to detail as to what happened to her and her Cepan.

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