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it was ok
bookshelves: not-for-me, young-adult
Recommended to Aj the Ravenous Reader by: Pearl Angeli

Allow me to use this review as an avenue to greet a wonderful friend (whose review I find way more beautiful than the book) a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Someday hopefully soon, Pearl, I will love a book you love with all my heart but in the meantime, I hope this simple birthday wish for you would be enough to make you smile. HAPPY,HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WONDERFUL PEARLY! MAY YOUR DAY BE HAPPY, SPECIAL AND MEMORABLE! MAY IT BE FULL OF AMAZING SURPRISES! HAVE A FANTAMAZEBULOUS DAY!


The novel lived up to the promise of its title. It gave the reader “a little something different.” The story is told in super multiple POVS except those of the main characters, Gabe and Lea. It’s refreshing because most contemporary YA novels I’ve read are told in alternating POVs of the boy and the girl but this one is told by characters (both animate and not) surrounding the MCs including the creepy bench and the squirrel. Pretty quirky but I have to be honest about several things.

The multiple POVs in my personal opinion is spectacularly overdone and the premise, although cute, is quite too far-fetched because the 14 other characters’ (some completely irrelevant to the story and to the MCs) voices revolve around one thing- the love story of Gabe and Lea as if they don’t have a life of their own (except the squirrel, my favorite character), as if they simply exist to narrate the story of somebody else. I was groaning and rolling my eyes in disbelief half of the time and to be frank, half of the POVs can be deleted and I’d still get the same story with less groans and eye rolls and half the number of pages, pages which would have been more useful had they been used for character and plot development.

The writing is generally good and lighthearted but I couldn’t shake the number of times I thought it was also kind of offensive. For characters who were supposed to be good people, I don’t know why several times they came off as mean. This poor Hillary girl who didn’t do anything except develop a crush on Gabe was the object of consistent contempt or perhaps they just needed a “villain” (because it sure did read like a fairy tale) and the closest there is for them is Hillary.

You’ll get what I mean from the following excerpts:

“I was proud of myself because what I wanted was something more along the lines of disparaging Hillary and everything she stands for.” (said the Creative Writing professor who acts so unprofessionally by putting as her primary semestral goal to make two people fall in love with each other and to revile any other student that will get in the way.)

“The skank queen.” (said Lea’s best friend)

“Except maybe Hillary. That girl is a ridiculous caricature of everything that’s wrong with the world.” (said Gabe himself)

I was ready to just simply enjoy this. I wanted this to be just a mindless read but one cannot be blind especially when one has already seen too much. It’s true that the eyes see what they want to see and it’s unfortunate that mine chose to see these things.

However, do not lose hope for the book because the rest of my friends who read this really enjoyed this and if you will use Pearl’s pretty eyes, you will see a beautiful perspective on the novel and you will also get a chance to greet her a happy birthday. Just click here. ;)

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message 1: by Pinky (new)

Pinky Beautiful review Aj, you made me understand how you feel about this book. You use of words are amazing, hopefully you get another awesome book!

Fafa's Book Corner Hmm...I'm going to consider taking this off. It doesn't sound like something that I would enjoy. And what exactly is wrong with Hilary? Talk about unprofessional! That was so rude of the teacher! It kind of creeps me out that the teacher wants to hook them up and ships them.
I'm sorry to see that you didn't enjoy this :(
I hope your next read is better! Great review :)

Marla Mei I feel you, Aj. It happens to me too sometimes. I guess my eyes just failed to see the bad things out of this book lol. Great review though. :*

message 4: by Tabetha (new) - added it

Tabetha A wonderful birthday wishes review in honor of sweet Pearl, Aj, even if this was not the best book experience for you. You still managed to read it AND create an honest and thoughtful review. You are an amazing friend xoxoxo!

Nicay Magnate I love this review Sis. ;)

message 6: by Medini (new) - added it

Medini Lovely reviews, AJ :) This book has been on my tbr for ages but the premise sounds kind of strange, so I'm thinking twice about it :/

message 7: by Katerina (new)

Katerina Another amazing and cute and honest review Aj!! <3

Pearl Angeli AJ dear! I SO LOVE YOUR HONEST AND VERY SWEET REVIEW. :) And I totally understand you. I wonder why I didn't see those negative things you've pointed out. Maybe I was too blinded by its newness to me so I was able to overlook them hahaha! :) I agree with everyone's treatment to Hilary though. XD I enjoyed your review so much! Thank you, AJ. And thanks for this sweet way of greeting me. I LOVE YOU my friend. YOU THE BEST! <3

message 9: by Eilonwy (new)

Eilonwy A very honest review! Sometimes a book just isn't for everyone. :-(
I'm loving your birthday read reviews. This was a great idea!

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

A wonderful, honest review, Aj and a great birthday wish for Pearl. You never cease to amaze me, Aj. ;)

message 11: by Deanna (new)

Deanna Great and honest review! Such a nice birthday wish for Pearl too :)
Happy Birthday again Pearl!
Fantastic review AJ :)

message 12: by Jenny (new) - added it

Jenny Honest review,Aj! :) I might read the books because the blurb looks good to me,and even the cover is very pretty! ^_^

message 13: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Maniacup First of all,I want to greet our sweet friend,Pearl Angeli a happy,happy birthday!(hope you enjoyed your day)
Second,I want to tell the sweetest person here in GR how much I adore and admire her reviews and her love for all her friends..You're an angel,dear sis!:-*

Aj the Ravenous Reader Pinky: Aw, my dear sweet friend. Thank you so much for you always thoughtful and sweet words. I really appreciate it. <3

Fatima: Oh, I'm sorry my review discouraged you to read the book. But your question is exactly mine? I found nothing wrong with the character and even if she were flawed, I don't think she still deserves any of those unkind comments. For me to really like a book, I need to at least see a small dose of realism and unfortunately, I didn't see any from this book. It's still a learning experience though so nothing to be sorry about. Thank you so much, hun. <3

Marla: Thank you so much, my favorite babes. Hehe. Maybe if I read this earlier, I wouldn't have noticed those things too. I don't know when I started to become way too critical. It must be sometime this year.hehe

Ate Tabetha: It's the least I could do for the wonderful Pearl, Ate. I wish I liked it better though but there's always a next time, right? Thank you so much for your amazing friendship, my dear Ate. <3

Nicay: Thank you, dear sis. <3

Medini: Thank you so much, sweetie. I suggest you check out more reviews on the book before you finally decide.^^

Katerina: Thank you my amazing, really cute and sweet friend. <3

Aj the Ravenous Reader Pearly: Phew! Thank goodness this review didn't disappoint you. Thank you for your complete empathy. I guess I've just read way too many YA contemporaries and am getting a bit pickier. I still love your review though and thank you so much. I hope you had a special day yesterday! <3

Holly: Thank you so much, my dear friend. I have to agree with you. <3

Sarah: Aw, you're just the sweetest. You, my friend, never cease to amaze me too. Thank you! <3

Ate Deanna: Thank you so much, my dear Ate. You are just too kind. <3

Ana: Thank you so much, my awesome friend. Hope you're reading something good too. <3

Jenny: Thank you so much, hun. I'm glad! You'll never know when a book might work for you. I'd be looking forward to what you think and I have to agree with you about the pretty cover.^^

Ate Rachel: Thank you so much to the sweetest, most amazing big sister. I'm so lucky we're related. hehehe. <3

Trixi #WATERFLAME "You are such a sweet and loyal friend!"-Aj
I'm quoting you, and this sentence means you also. ^^

message 17: by Vanessa (new)

Vanessa J. Great review, Aj. I'm definitely avoiding this. Not a fan of contemporaries in general and OMF 14 POVs?!?!?? I would go crazy! Also, I agree that those chracters sound...not exactly nice. Yeah, no thank you.

message 18: by Alejandro (new)

Alejandro Bummer :( But always there is a risk of a book not reaching our own expectative, but if we don't risk, we can't find our favorite new books ;) Better luck in your next reading, Aj

Claire - The Coffeeholic Bookworm Great honest review, Aj. I have to agree, multiple POVs and 14 characters may be a little too much for me, but the story held promise, so I guess this is pretty good. My cousin have also read this and she said it's quite good. I may have to check this out soon :)

message 20: by Henz (new) - added it

Henz oh thank you for doing this for Pearl

message 21: by ♛Tash (new)

♛Tash I was about to add this then I saw that you, the nicest lady I know in GR, gave it eeeppp just 2 stars...a pass for me then but lovely review as always x

Aj the Ravenous Reader Trixi: lol! You're just awesome and thank you. <3

Vane: Lol! Smart, smart decision. Knowing you, you'll probably dnf this. :/ Thank you for reading the review, hun. <3

Kuya Alejandro: You said it really perfectly and I couldn't agree more. I don't regret reading this, Kuya. It's a learning experience. Hehe. Thank you so much.^^

Ate Claire: Thank you so much, Ate Claire and I'm glad your cousin enjoyed this. You should try it Ate because you may end up enjoying it. I'd love to see your thoughts on the book.^^

Henz: Aw, it was my pleasure, Henzy.^^

Tash: Lol, you crack me up, Tash! I'd tell you what I told Vane. Knowing you guys, I'm just sure this won't work for you so yes, I won't recommend this particularly to the both of you.^^ Thank you, gorgeous!^^

message 23: by Hayat (new)

Hayat Another great honest, review, Aj! Some books just rub us the wrong way and their flaw stand out all the more. I hope you find a better read next. :) XO

Aj the Ravenous Reader Thank you so much, dear Hayat and I completely agree with you. <3

message 25: by Tamara (new) - added it

Tamara 14 povs? Whaaaaat? Lol, I can hardly handle 3-4 povs, 14 sounds a bit too much. Great review Aj! This one sounds like it could have been good if it didnt have that much of povs. I think it could have been so much funny if the couple didnt end up together instead :D I dont like when random people make these kind of 'assumptions' on people they really dont know closely.

message 26: by Aj the Ravenous Reader (last edited Feb 28, 2016 06:02PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Aj the Ravenous Reader Tamara wrote: "14 povs? Whaaaaat? Lol, I can hardly handle 3-4 povs, 14 sounds a bit too much. Great review Aj! This one sounds like it could have been good if it didnt have that much of povs. I think it could ha..."

Yeah, Tams. 14 POVs! It would have been okay had it been handled well but just eh. I think your suggestion would have made it a better read. Lol. Oh and thank you so much for reading the review. <3

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