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Cold-Blooded by Lisa  Regan
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Here is a visual representation of how I feel about this book:

Because it's like, a juxtaposition of two feelings and...nevermind.

14 years after the murder of high school track star, Sydney Adams, the former detective-turned-alcoholic who couldn't solve the case, hires P.I. Jocelyn Rush to close the case for him after he's terminally diagnosed, with only 6 months left to live. Justice is his deathbed wish.

This definitely sounded promising, and it did have a lot of good points. The writing isn't too amateurish or sloppy, Lisa Regan clearly has a voice for this kind of novel, maybe it just needs to be refined. The characters were human and likeable, drawing you into their world with ease and interest. And the plot had a nice pace, some clinching events and one last big moment to wrap everything up with a bang.

But, the mystery was linear, obvious, and I kept waiting for the characters to catch up to what I already knew. I'm not saying this in a braggadocio, I-read-so-many-mysteries-I'm-an-expert kind of way. It's not that at all. I mean it very honestly - there is very little mystery here. And even someone who's never read a mystery before might find it all rather obvious. The suspect to the murder is delivered right from the very beginning (on purpose), and a "twist" that comes in the last quarter of the story is meant to turn everything on it's head for the reader. But because this twist is pretty glaring throughout, the punch of it didn't have any power behind it.

The backstory to the mystery was more interesting and took more effort to figure out, but the overall answer was kind of...uninspired, actually.

My ability to enjoy this story was on shaky ground because I just fail to see how no one was able to figure out this case for 14 years; how it was able to make a detective so obsessed that he leaves his family and drinks himself to death, quite literally. The answer was right in front of everyone's stupid faces!

*deep cleansing breath*

Anyway, when the victim's sister stumbles across new "evidence", Jocelyn Rush takes the case and busts everything wide open. But she does her proverbial busting very slowly. As a reader you start to wonder if the heroine of the story, who you are supposed to be impressed by and interested in, should maybe consider a new line of work. She reminded me of the girl in horror movies who tries to get away from the crazed killer by running up the stairs instead of getting the fuck out of the house. The obvious choice is right in front of you bitch, what are you doing?

And just one little nit picky thing - at the 95% mark of the book we are finally given a hint of description as to what the main character looks like. But prior to that? Nothing. We're told what every non-essential character was wearing, from their shoes to their accessories, what body type category they fall into and how they had their hair cut, but the main character was a blank canvas. If the author wanted to leave the description up to reader imagination, that's fine, but why all the other over-the-top paragraphs for characters that hardly mattered?

Okay, so as I read this back I know it sounds like I didn't like Cold Blooded, but I actually didn't mind it. There were those better points I mentioned before I got super criticallllll :D

3 stars!

book source: the author via NetGalley in exchange for a review
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