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The Good Good Pig by Sy Montgomery
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Jan 29, 2011

liked it

A good friend read this book, fell deeply in love with Christopher Hogwood (the animal, not the person), and loaned me the book. Then every day, she would ask, "Did you start the book yet?" Well, I did and I really liked it. Sy Montgomery has always felt more comfortable with animals than with humans and readers can understand why. As an only child of an Army general, she was sent to a private school a distance from their quarters and she didn't have the company of children her own age growing up. Everyone on the base is hesitant to let their children play with the general's daughter. Also, her parents never considered Sy to be their idea of a daughter, were uncomfortable with some of her life choices, and they disowned her when she married Howard, who is Jewish. Nice parenting skills there. Anyway, Sy and Howard live in an old farm house in rural New Hampshire and friends who raise pigs told them that they had an unusually large number of runts one spring. Runts who had to be taken out of their litters and hand raised. One particular runt was in particularly bad shape and Sy and Howard were urged to take him home to try to nurse him back to health. When they brought the piglet home, he rode in a shoe box and the expectation was that if he survived, he would always be small. Christopher Hogwood, as he was named, not only survived, but grew to 750 pounds and lived for 14 years. Christopher Hogwood impacted lives in his little corner of New Hampshire and became famous as he was featured in numerous articles both in print and on television. He also changed Sy's life forever as he helped to teach her some life lessons and helped her to connect with people around her and form her own version of an extended family. A very uplifting book about a wonderful pig who was as charming as Fern's Charlotte.

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