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Wink Poppy Midnight by April Genevieve Tucholke
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really liked it
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Ohhhh this book was delightfully messed up. Seriously, psychos, the lot of them. AND YET SOMEHOW THAT WAS VERY WONDERFUL TO READ. (Ahem.) Although my brain is spinning right now, because I think I just paddled about in a bucket full of crazy.


What To Expect In This Story:
(Since it's the kind of story where it's hard to know exactly what's gonna go down.)

• Magical, fairy-tale writing
• Seriously, whimsical is at level 100 right now.
• A love triangle
• But the most messed-up triangle you have ever seen
• Mind games
• Characters who mess with each other because what the heck; they're teens; it's summer; lets read your tarot cards and predict DEATH MWAHAHHAHA
• Minor magical realism
• Plot twists that will leave you splattered upon the ground
• A heck of a lot of strawberries
• Poisonous friendships
• Probably the feeling that you want to strangle several people but also feel incredibly sad and bad for them...


So yes, I DID very much like it! I was really in love with the whimsical vibe. It's told by 3 POVs, which usually has me screaming with frustration, but I put up. In Wink's chapters everything is like a story. She views the world in fairy-tale format. IT WAS REALLY MAGICAL. The other chapters are still equally vaguely whimsical, too.

A little snippet at the 3 main characters? (Who were all SO messed up.)
MIDNIGHT: He's a boy and kind of like...hm...a very sad lonely pancake that everybody wants to eat but IDEK WHY because he's kind of insipid. But adorable???? Like I thought Midnight was super cute and I think he was definitely emotionally (borderline sexually) abused by Poppy. I really wanted him to get some backbone, but yeaaaah.
POPPY: She's a psychopath. Like, the end. SHE IS ONE. She plays mind games, hates everyone, has no feelings, and ruins lives for the lolz. She's the "mean girl" and like basically a manic pixie dream girl, tbh.
WINK: She's Midnight's new next-door-neighbour...like the feral wild child who's grown up with a tarot-reading mother and 5 siblings and they all just tumble around in permanent fairy tales. She believes in supernatural mystical things. SHE IS ALSO TOTALLY A PSYCHOPATH. So diagnoses me, anyway. (I'm totally qualified, obviously.) Idek, she's just not really into reality, okay? Which is fair, reality sucks. But she's so very calm and unemotional the whole book, but whimsical and small and endearing.

Basically I did like them in the sense that they were super interesting to read about and SO VERY MESSED UP...but duuuude, they were all psychos dipped in crazy sprinkles.

It's basically a revenge/mystery/discovery plot. Midnight wants to get away from Poppy; Midnight falls for Wink; Poppy tries to break them up; but Poppy has a thing for Wink's brother. Like duuuude, I say love triangle, but it's much more complicated than that. And I, an avid triangle hater, ACTUALLY LIKED IT.

Okay but I DO have several pet peeves. Definitely stopped it from getting the full 5-stars, even though the story gloriously reminded me of other magical realism books I adore.

• The description was so repetitive I wanted to STAB MYSELF IN THE EYE WITH A TREE OMG. If I'd been reading it (I listened to an audio) I would've skimmed and it wouldn't have been so bad. BUT. I couldn't. Ergo I had to suffer through every. single. time. we mentioned Wink that she had red curly hair and green green eyes. EVERY TIME.
• It's a very sensory orientated book WHICH I LOVE but it just relied on the sAME words and phrases and feelings over and over and over and nooooooooooooo.
• Also "green green eyes" is a really bad description.
• Dude there are so many other words for green. What about "pistachio green eyes". That's so romantic.
• Midnight. is. an. idiot. This did bother me.

(view spoiler)

I generally enjoyed it. Even though some parts (aka the repetitive description) made me wish to devour a brick wall. BUT I DIDN'T! THE WALLS ARE PROUD OF ME! It was whimsical and mysterious and I honestly had no idea what exact crazy twist would happen or whether ghosts and murderers would pop out of the woodwork. It was so sensory that I literally could taste/smell/see the foresty setting and I LOVED Wink's awesome family.


(That's messed up to admit, omg.)

(Also a note on the audio: I'm not such a fan? It was narrated by 3 people, but the narrator of Poppy put way too much drama/inflection in, so Poppy had this SUPER irritating voice from the get-go. This made me hate her unconditionally, whereas if I'd read the book myself I think I would've cared more about her? But it was nasally and irritating and arghghgh. I'm glad it had 3 narrators though, because with the 3 POVs all in 1st person...it would've gotten irritating. Also the narrators WERE SO SLOW. Another irritation. Don't drag it out. Get. to. the. POINT. Ahem. Not my favourite audio; although it did make the whimsical story telling part magical.)
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April Genevieve Tucholke
“When you look into the darkness, the darkness looks into you.”
April Genevieve Tucholke, Wink Poppy Midnight

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message 1: by Danielle (new)

Danielle Esplin i love reading your reviews LOL

C.G. Drews @Daneialle: Aww, thank you!! :D

Kate Isabel Foley Yessss, your reactions were mine as I read it!

Lauren I am really looking forward to reading this book!! :-)

message 5: by Cecilia (new) - added it

Cecilia You should try her duology, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. It had me seeing psychopathic killers around every corner but it was soooo good!

C.G. Drews @Lauren: Yayy!!


Stephanie Psychos dipped in crazy sprinkles made my day!

Kyla Belvedere I am just listening to the audio after reading the book (my class is going to do this for a novel study). It is one of the WORST audio books I have ever read.

C.G. Drews @Kyla: Really? I loved the audio. ;D

message 10: by Kyla (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kyla Belvedere I wish I liked it more. But the voices are so boring...

Evangeline I can't wait to read this. Something about the premise just really grabbed me.

message 12: by Jt (new) - rated it 2 stars

Jt Olayu, I finished reading it. And I can't understand it. Can someone explain it to me?

Samantha (WLABB) I laughed about the Golden Milk, because my daughter had recently started using this for treating her colds.

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