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Save My Soul by Zoe Winters
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** spoiler alert ** Okay I really hate to not give this five stars, because I'm a Zoe Winters fangirl. She's probably my favorite "indie" author at the moment and it kills me that I can't rave about it..

What worked for me:
* I loved the mythology (and theology) about the different dimensions
* I adore ZW's writing style, with her quirky humor and perfect pacing.
* The twist at the end was AWESOME! Loved loved loved it!

What didn't work for me:
* The hero is an incubus. In order not to kill his victims, he has to have sex with a different woman every night. If he has sex with the same woman more than one night in a row, he can seriously harm her -- and honestly probably kill her. So, my absolute BIGGEST pet peeve about this story is that the hero is quite literally having sex with other women the ENTIRE time that he's with the heroine. The entire time. He even showers after banging them and comes up to sleep next to the heroine on nights that they can't have sex together. This literally turned my stomach. I get that she was "in love with him", but just. No. I literally almost threw the book at the wall (which would've been tragic, as I was reading the kindle version on my iPod lol) when he screwed one girl, finished up, and immediately came up stairs to mess around with the heroine. Blech.

*The "harem" was WAY too accepting of the fact he was a demon. So one of them was a gypsy who knew what an incubus was and was cool with it -- great, what about the other girls? They were WAY too relaxed and blase about the whole thing to be in any way realistic. Plus, how on earth did the heroine just happen to find several hookers who not only would agree to come and live with her in that situation, but that she could actually trust not to steal all her shizz and run off the first time she turned her back?! I just wasn't buying it.

So, my final score? I'm sorry Zoe -- 3 1/2 out of 5. I just couldn't get past my own squickiness at him having sex with all those other women, and her being kind of okay with it (even if she WAS jealous), and having him actually convince her that it was "okay" because it was "just sex". JNMK.
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Jess the Romanceaholic Yeah. It killed me, because I LOVE Zoe Winters, but.. yeah. I get that the whole point was this is what he is -- he truly can't help it, and he's really not a cheating, skeevy horndog just trying to justify infidelity, but rather it was something he had to do to eat.. Kind of like a vampire has to drink blood or seomthing.. Plus, there was something that she could've done that would've allowed him to be monogamous (not saying what though because that's a big part of the plot), but for various reasons she couldn't, and it was just. Blah. I just wish there'd been a way for him to feed without actually sleeping with other women.. Like maybe be able to feed from people in the next room doing their thang or something, kwim? lol

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