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Fault Line by Barry Eisler
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Jan 28, 2011

liked it

I haven't read any of Eisler's other work, but I probably will now that I've finished Fault Line. Thrillers aren't my favorite genre, but I enjoy them now and then when they're done well. This one's good--the plot, the characters, the pacing--it's all there. I particularly liked the way the story began from Alex's perspective and made him sympathetic and relatable, then introduced Ben, the real protagonist of the story. As the reader, it was possible to see things from both of their perspectives and understand how they don't see eye-to-eye. [return][return]The story isn't that original. We've all read books or seen movies where somebody develops a new technology that bad guys want, and then black-ops government agents get mixed into things. Still, I was interested in what was happening, probably because I was invested in the characters. Even though the premise is a little shopworn, the events weren't completely predictable, and provided a few hours of entertainment.

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