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Cheating at Solitaire by Ally Carter
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Jan 28, 2011

Cheating at Solitaire is about Julia James, a self-help author famous for writing about the benefits of being single. Of course, wacky hijinx ensue and she meets cute with a hunky struggling actor. The press makes it out to be a scandalous new romance, just as the actor hits it big.[return][return]Guess what happens next. Uh, yeah. They fall for each other and it's a series of misunderstandings culminating in a happy ending. To be fair, the characters are pretty appealing and Carter's style is engaging, so I read the whole thing without getting bored. I'd liken the book to potato chips, rather than a full meal. I enjoyed reading it, but it didn't satisfy me and I forgot most of the plot details and character names within days.

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