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Burning Up Flint by Laurann Dohner
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Jan 28, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: owned, sci-fi-romance, sony-reader, cyborg

I was interested in a later book in this series and decided to start here and read in order. I read the others reviews and the people who didn't like it had some valid points but I think I'm coming at it from a different place. First of all some of the things that bothered people are the types of things that were pretty typical happenings in the bodice rippers of the old days. And since I avidly read them as a teenager in the 70s, my mind just told me "bodice ripper" and I went with it.

Also I am a huge fan of sci fi romance so it gets an extra half star just for genre. I thought the world building here was pretty good. You don't have to like or want to live in the world the author has created you just have to be able to clearly understand it in order for it to be good world building. Also I like that alien worlds/cultures are different from Earth culture/accepted norms. Otherwise what is the point in writing an SFR?

Flint was an ass true but he was a cyborg. I didn't want him to act like a human. I, in fact, thought that he came to his "lightning bulb moment" where he realizes he loves her much too easily. Mira was a bit wimpy and I didn't agree with all her actions but she was true to how she was written. She was a pretty weak woman not a butt kicking heroine at all. She didn't suddenly change in the middle of the book.

Unlike some SFR books which I feel are mislabeled, this one is really erotica. The scenes are explicit, raunchy and plentiful and not necessarily full of love.

I will definitely go on with the series.
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