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The Protector by Daniel W. Koch
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Jan 28, 2011

did not like it

I am all for giving independent authors a try. Sometimes you find real gems - books that *should* be published via the big publishing houses, but for some reason aren't. This book does not fall into that category. I almost didn't finish reading it, but since I for the most part finish what I start... um... yeah.

The writing style was clumsy and detached - emotionless, with the only emotion communicated via the narrator saying what he/she was feeling. The abundance of "That's not important" and "I'll tell you about that later" and similar brush-offs became off-putting after the fifth or sixth occurrence. I can't stomach "I did this and then I did that and then I did this after that," which is how this book read to me.

The story could also use another round of editing - far too many instances of "then" that should have been "than," and "to" that should have been "too." Even something as simple as a "through" that should have been "threw" caused me to mentally stumble, and I had to reread the sentence to figure out what it was saying. A few more commas would have been nice, too.

The plot has potential, but everything else gets in the way of that potential.
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