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Immortal by Gillian Shields
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Jan 27, 2011

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Read from February 04 to 06, 2011

Review originally posted on Bitten Books and given 3 stars.

Silly teen drama and angst wear on me very quickly making this book a difficult read. I have no issue with emotional characters but when the heroine of the story is constantly feeling depressed and alone, it really brings me down too which smothers any enjoyment I might have had. This is very much a personal preferences thing though, I have trouble with anything over dramatized (Gossip Girl, for example, drives me batty).

I enjoyed the lighter/fluffier scenes, any mystery scenes (stuff that added to the plot) as well as Anges's diary entries a lot. The book probably would have gotten a 4.5 rating from me if it had only those elements. The other parts of the book were just too much for me to stomach and quickly made reading become tedious instead of a pleasure.

Despite the book being nearly 400 pages long, I didn't feel like we really got to know any of the characters besides Evie. We're given backgrounds to these characters and they pop in and out of the book yet they all feel hollow and seem to be nothing more than props to move things along.

I really liked the pseudo-relationship Evie and Agnes formed. It was a lot of fun reading Agnes's diary and seeing Evie make the same choices then have history and present collide at the end of the book.

I will read the next book in the series, mostly because the ending of this book isn't really an ending... so I want to know what happens. Thank you goodreaders for preventing me from reading Betrayal. I like a HEA and that book would not have been for me.

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Reading Progress

02/04/2011 page 25
7.0% ""Don't you think all this doing-chores stuff is a bit over the top?" I joked, rattling the cups and saucers carelessly onto my tray. "You know, like Cinderella, only with about two hundred ugly stepsisters. What else do they expect us to do? Sleep in the cellar?" "I wish they did." I don't usually go for boarding school stories, teen drama wears on me quickly. I'm finding this book amusing thus far though."
02/04/2011 page 38
10.0% ""It's about the fact that you aren't welcome. The last person who slept in that bed was my cousin Laura. She died." I don't know what came first but this is a lot like that terrible Nickelodeon show, House of Anubis. I hope they don't have any more similarities or else I will constantly be comparing the two."
02/04/2011 page 60
16.0% "I felt reluctant to leave the lake somehow. It was the only expanse of water I had seen since leaving my home by the sea, and I felt drawn to its green depths. And yet it was a place of terrible tragedy-a girl had drowned. I'd be shocked if the lake didn't have some pivotal role later in the story."
02/04/2011 page 80
22.0% "I was suddenly not looking forward to geography. It had been plump, fussy Miss Dalrymple who had hidden something in her pocket. And I could have sworn that it was a silver dagger. We've got lots of different things going on so far. It's all interesting but a little cluttered. I think I'm still able to keep everything straight, I guess I'll find out soon enough."
02/04/2011 page 107
30.0% ""You terrified me!" "And you enchanted me." He smiled teasingly. "You looked like a water nymph saying her prayers." Holy cow, what a personality flip. Sebastian either was having a really bad day at the beginning of the book or he needs Evie for something."
02/04/2011 page 108
30.0% ""Who are you? Why are you here?" "To see you," he replied. "I've been waiting for you, girl from the sea. I think I've been waiting for you all my life." I have to admit that even though I think Evie's going to end up hurt, I really like Sebastian. He's quite the smooth operator even if he comes off as needy."
02/04/2011 page 127
35.0% "I laughed and said I would not serve him and that he would have to look elsewhere for his throng of sisters to obey his every whim. "You are spoiled enough with everyone's attention," I teased. While I enjoy reading Agnes's chapters, it's making the rest of the book transparent and predictable. I hope there are still some surprises but I doubt it."
02/05/2011 page 144
40.0% ""You've been such a good friend. I'll never forget it. But after tonight-after tonight I don't think we should go on seeing each other. It's too much of a risk for you." Ugh, I thought it was bullshit when Edward pulled this and now Shields wants to try this with her much less liked character who we've hardly seen? Drama, drama, drama."
02/05/2011 page 170
47.0% ""How can I trust you after this? Let go of me!" He stepped back, his face a mask of misery. "I'll be waiting for you, Evie." "Don't bother," I cried. "I never want to see you again!" I'm remembering why I try to avoid YA books. Why do so many YA books struggle with negative character emotions? It always comes out as over dramatized angst which gives me a headache."
02/05/2011 page 194
54.0% ""Besides, there is another girl, far away. I have seen her with you. It is she whom you love, not me. You will put her in danger if you continue, you will put us all in danger-" I really like Agnes. I wish we got to see her fleshed out in the present scenes of the book instead of just entries in a diary."
02/05/2011 page 237
66.0% ""I won't let this place hurt you. I'll take care of you, I swear." Yay, finally some romance to this paranormal romance. Loved Sebastian's return and the lake scene."
02/05/2011 page 256
71.0% "I felt for the necklace under my nightgown. Now I would always wear it-not just for Frankie, but for all those women who had come before me, especially Agnes. I like how Agnes and the necklace are tying into everything. I haven't mentioned this yet but I freakin' love the cover for this book. It's elegant and I'm a sucker for blue. The blues captured are amazing."
02/05/2011 page 283
79.0% "For something in me whispers that I have come back to Wyldcliffe to die. I thought the reveal was very well done, exciting and well written. I have to say that nothing was surprising though."
02/05/2011 page 303
84.0% ""By conquering the Talisman, taking it from you by force and claiming my immortal crown. And to do that I would have to kill you." Ohhh, I love the new info on Helen. I'd like to see more of her before the book ends."

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