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Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt
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it was amazing
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I want to thank SocialBookCo for sending this book to me for an honest review. I also what to let everyone know where they can get this book if you are interested. If you click on the link it will take you to and through them you can buy the book through ten different retailers and choose the lowest price.

Wow! I am amazed at the way this book kept me in total fear the whole time. It's insane how scared words can make someone and the suspense had me holding my breathe. Will the witch attack today or tomorrow. Will Katherine put an end to the town's misery? If I could give this book more than 5 stars I would, it was that amazing. Not only that, but my favorite author Stephen King even approved and to me that is saying something. Especially since the scariest book I've ever read so far is The Shining.

Hex is about at 17th century witch. According to the Dutch town she was a witch. They say she resurrected her son. The brought there old superstitions from the old world to the new. They made her choose between her children who would die and then the town made her kill herself. What could possibly be worse than the things that I've just said. Well then they stitched her eyes shut and her mouth. I would be bitter too. I would want revenge as well.

Black Spring is a small town in New York off highway 9W. It is a town that mostly keeps to themselves. If you as an Outsider, were to visit Black Spring you would never know that something was wrong. HEX, the town's security system has worked very hard to keep it that way. What is hidden in town? If it were to be known, would the Outsiders believe it to be truth? No one wants to find out because of what has happened in the past. And no one from town wants to repeat the past.

Katherine van Wyler is the witch that haunts the town of Black Spring. She has roamed the town for the past 300 years. The same route like clockwork. People can predict were she is going to be and even have an app for it to keep people in the know of Katherine's whereabouts. The reason for the app and all the surveillance? Katherine is super freaking scary that's why. With her stitched up eyes and mouth and her death whisper who would want to accidentally bump into her. They also have the app to help keep Outsiders from asking too many questions. In Black Spring their witch is real and they must keep her secret. The last time people from the outside interfered 3 people ended up dead. The town fears that Katherine will bring down her wrath if she were provoked. So this "peaceful" small town continues life as normal as possible all the while living in fear of the witch and her powers.

This story has a lot of characters in it. It's main character is the Grant family. Father Steve, mother Jocelyn and brothers Tyler and Matt. Tyler is the techie in the house. Having a Youtube channel was really cool. It keeps the book current. Talks about Obama, twitter and Go-pros also remind the reader that this story is taking place in the present even if the town itself is regressing to its past self.

Tyler needs to tell the world about Katherine. In his eyes his town is living in the stoneage and having the internet is just the beginning. He wants more freedom and at 17 he hates being stuck in Black Spring because leaving the town isn't an option. Once you cross an invisible line outside of town you start having suicidal thoughts. Thoughts so horrific that it makes you run home to your fake security. Because really are you safe in town? Tyler comes up with this great idea that he is going to document Katherine's whereabouts on his Go-Pro hoping at some point he can release his findings to the world. But things go horribly wrong with OYE his secret club online. O.Y.E stands for Open Your Eyes and the club consists of kids from town. The experiments start taking on a more sinister feel and Tyler wants out. Jaydon the oldest of the group and the scariest of the bunch has started provoking the witch and the aftermath of those incidents will put everyone in town in danger.

FEAR is the main point in this book. Fear of the witch. Fear of death. Fear of what the future holds. But there is also the point of love. Love for family. What would you do for love. At the beginning of the book Tyler asks his father if he had to make a choice between his son or the town what would he choose. Steve responded with "of course I'd choose my son that is a silly question". That question came up numerous times through out the book. Choice is the last point that is made in the book. What we do as a society is our choice. What we do as an individual is our choice. We have free will. We have the ability to use Fear as a driving force or Love. What will we choose?

If you like horror, if you like witches and curses and the paranormal, definitely pick this book up. If you like sitting at the edge of your seat in fear to turn the page and see what happens next pick up this book. If you want to experience Katherine for yourself pick up this book.
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10.68% "Loving this book so far. A 300 year old curse and a woman with her eyes and mouth sewn shut is super fun to read about :D"
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23.96% "Tyler is going to do something bad. I can just feel it."
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83.07% "OMG this book. If you all don't pick this book up and read it you are so missing out. I'm in shock that it just continues to get better and better."
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90.63% ""But no help would ever come.""
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99.22% ""Later I stopped believing in witches,so I did it as a balancing exercise.""
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message 1: by Manda (new) - added it

Manda (The Glittery Nerd) I won this book a while ago, I might have to bump it up the TBR a bit. Glad you enjoyed it :0)

Melissa Chung Manda wrote: "I won this book a while ago, I might have to bump it up the TBR a bit. Glad you enjoyed it :0)"

You totally have to :D it was sooo good!!

Plots and Points Dude! I found this book whilst randomly browsing in my local bookshop this week and after LOVING it I came to seek out if it was on your TBR because I KNEW you would love it. And what a shock, you've read it and you loved it!

I'm so pumped to have found a horror read that was actually really horrifying!

Melissa Chung Plots and Points wrote: "Dude! I found this book whilst randomly browsing in my local bookshop this week and after LOVING it I came to seek out if it was on your TBR because I KNEW you would love it. And what a shock, you'..."

Right!?! It's one of my top 5 this year!!

Jessica-❥Chatterbooks Book Blog❥ Awesome review, Melissa!

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