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it was amazing

** spoiler alert ** No one knows better that Rayne McDonald that what you want and what you get are two completely different things. All Rayne ever wanted to be was a vampire. After applying for vampire conversion, working her way up to the top of the waiting list, attending vampire training classes (and doing all the homework!) she lost Magnus her vampire blood mate-to-be when he accidentally bit her twin sister Sunny by mistake.What Rayne actually got was the news that she is the new vampire slayer and she must embrace her destiny or die. It sounds slightly over dramatic when put like that but she was chosen at birth to be a slayer and infected with a virus at that time by Slayers Inc. They can activate the virus at any time and kill her if she refuses her destiny.Given no choice Rayne takes up the slaying stake for Slayers Inc., although she does realise that this could ruin her reputation within the vampire community and put a crimp in her plans to be turned into a vampire at a later date.Her first job as the slayer is to infiltrate a seedy vampire blood bar and expose the bar owner’s plans to over throw Magnus the current blood coven leader. Whilst investigating at the bar she runs into Jareth – sexy Goth and Magnus’s right hand man who is also investigating the bar.Although Jareth and Rayne don’t exactly hit it off when they first meet they agree to team up in order to discover the bar owner’s secret plans. Rayne needs all the help she can get - it isn’t like she’s had much slayer training and her instructor won’t even give her any cool weapons. All she got given was a piece of wood!And not only does she have to investigate the blood bar but she needs to keep an eye on her mother too, who has started dating again after 4 years. Unfortunately Rayne suspects that her mother’s new date is actually an evil vampire…


Rayne: identical twin of sunshine,was supposed to be magnus's blood mate in the last book,goes to Oakridge High,smokes,next in line for being a vampire slayersince birth,when she was born she was injected with a dormant nanovirus by a Slayer Inc. and if she doesnt want to be a vamp slayer than they'll activate the virus and she will die,goth,has a blog about the events(i actually think the book is her writing the blog the whole time),first mission is to stake maverick,flirts with francis to get through the door,blond hair,dyed her hair beautiful ebony color that's so dark and rich it looks almost blue b/c she doesnt want people to think she and sunshine look alike(i cant blame her it gets annoying after awhile),sneaks with jareth to funeral and hides in closet till empty so they can get blood sample of donors,gets kissed by jareth in closet for an act when someone was about to open the broom closet,turns seventeen,has powers to stake vamps(as in has powers to transfrom the stake and hit),loves dancing,infected by maverick,killed maverick,saves the vamp kind and donors,have compatible dna with jareth,gets turned into a vamp by jareth at the end(the only way to live..vamps are strong enough for the infection),jareth's blood mate and a vamp.,powerless vamp.,the infection got in her skin and now she can go out in sunlight as a vamp even jareth too,retired from the slayer inc biz since shes too weak,is assigned another mission at the end even though shes retired.

Sunshine: rayne's identical twin,got bitten at club fang by magnus by mistake(last book),was a vamp then magnus reversed the transformation so now shes human,magnus's girlfriend,goes to Oakridge High,blond hair,turns seventeen,

Mrs.McDonald: sunshine and rayne's mom,hippie sort of parent,divorsed but started dating again(in this book), beautiful, blond,hazel eyes,dates rayne's protecter the slayer inc placed,

Mr.McDonald: rayne's and sunshine's dad,never around,divorsed,says hes only coming to rayne's and sunshine's b-day party but doesnt show up,didnt show up cause he got a new wife and kids and one of the kids had a school play,selfish,sunshine calls him and tells him rayne's dying when the infection kicked in and all he did was just laugh and say thats nonsense,little gray at his temples and in his beard,he finnally came to see rayne when she was dying b/c jareth went to vegas to convince him,didnt show up to their b-day b/c he was scared,

Magnus: sunshine's vampire boyfriend,hot,was supposed to be blood mates with rayne but mistakinly bit sunshine instead(last book),new Master of the Blood Coven and high priest of the eastern vampire conglomerate of the United States of America,rich,slayer inc. actually likes him,looks just like Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Carribean, Long black hair, pulled back, deep soulful eyes,makes rayne and jereth work together with the maverick issue,got called by jareth just in time to not take a sip of his donors,lets more vamps in the coven,

Rachel: one of magnus's donors,went to the blood bar,got infected,

Charity: one of magnus's donors,went to the blood bar,got infected,

Lucifent: old king,died in last book by bertha the slayer,died b/c of the rule no vampire children slayer inc made(says it at the end of book 2).

Mike Stevens: football quarterback,jock,popular, Captain of the varsity football team, even though he's a junior,Student body president,Ash blond hair and sparkling green eyes,cocky smile,used to be friends with rayne in elementary,kissed rayne at 6,not friends anymore since hes in the 'in' crowd and shes not,got in a fight with rayne,

Monsieur Dawson: the French teacher,

Mr. Teifert: Sunny's drama coach,forty,knows about vamps,wild black hair,balding,is the one to tell rayne she is next in line for a vamp slayer,senior vice president of Slayer Inc.,

Maverick: jet-black hair parted down the middle and hanging to his shouldersa trim goatee, pure white skin, and piercing ice-blue eyes ,rayne's first victim/mission,owns the Blood Bar downtown. It's an underground nightclub where humans can go and pay to have their blood sucked by a vampire,doesnt like the idea of magnus becoming a vamp king,spreading a disease to donors so they can infect their master and that will give him an advantage in taking over,next in line to be king after magnus,infected rayne,died.

Spider: rayne's best friend,used to date haxor but broke up with him,

Francis: paled face,vampire, big, burly bouncer type guy,runs the door to the blood bar downtown most of the night,thinks rayne's adorable/adores her,think rayne's name is Shaniqua(fake id),has a blood mate named Dana(she works at the blood bar as a biter),his blood mates been missing,he found her but it seems she has the virus too,helps rayne and jareth sneak in to the restricted area of the blood bar,finds out rayne's real name at the end,friends with rayne,him and his blood mate got accepted in the coven by magnus thanks to rayne,

Jareth: gorgeous fangage, is like a Jude Law clone,dirty blond hair,beautiful blue eyes (his are rimmed with black eyeliner!), and high cheekbones,tall,lanky,British-accented,mistakens rayne for the twin sis at first,on a mission like rayne to find out about maverick but accept is assigned by magnus,General Jareth of the Blood Coven Army,always refused to have a blood mate,has a black BMW,sneaks to funeral home to get blood sample of kristoff's donors with rayne,refused to have donors,gets blood from mail orders,kisses rayne for an act when someone was about to open the closet they were hiding in,skinny,tall,pasty,loves dancing,has a troubled past,his whole family is a vampire,a guy named Runez turned his family into a vamp,got turned at eighteen,jareth's little brother and sister were killed b/c back then slayer inc had a rule that there must be no vampire children and the sister and brother were like 4 and 10,his whole family died but him b/c of a slayer,la says he has compatible dna with rayne,turns rayne into a vamp for her to live,blood mates with rayne,powerless vamp since he was infected by biting rayne,not the general anymore since hes a powerless vamp.,the infection went in his skin and he can go out in the sun now,

David: Tanned looking, looks nothing like a blood sucker,dating Mrs.McDonald(uses her to get close to rayne),is rayne's protector(every slayer gets one),rayne thinks hes a vamp and tries to kill him,alerigc to garlic,an agnostic,works for slayer inc.,started out dating rayne's and sunshine's mom to get closer to the family but then turns out actually liking Mrs.McDonald,

Kristoff: Jareth's vamp friend,has two goth girls as donors,ill,vamp powers left him somehow,his donors are dead,

*Each vamp, once they hit a thousand years old, gets to turn one willing human into a vampire. They do all this complex DNA testing beforehand to make sure the human and vamp will be compatible.
*A slayer is chosen carefully,a slayer has powers that no other has.

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