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Desire Unchained by Larissa Ione
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This series is PNR, but leaning toward the erotica side. There's a lot of gratuitous sex and, in this book, at least one scene of BDSM. It's well-done, justifiable within the story and not totally tasteless, but it is in there and may offend some readers.

The series has a UF-like setting - the regular world just with lots of paranormal creatures secretly running around. It takes place in NYC where three brother incubus-demons run an underground demon hospital together. This particular book is about Shade, one of the brothers.

Shade has been captured by a group of demons who have been harvesting the organs of paranormal creatures and selling them on the black market. He wakes up in a dungeon to find himself chained next to former lover - a human woman named Runa. Only Runa isn't human anymore, she's a werewolf and she's still seriously pissed off at Shade and there's a full-moon on the rise.

I really liked this book and the world that Ione has created. I'll definitely be reading the next one, which deals with the brother, Wraith. There are five books in total out in this series as of the writing of this review (Jan 2011).
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