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The Exile by Diana Gabaldon
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Jan 26, 2011

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We’ve been doing a fair share of graphic novel reviews over in the EZ Read offices, and needless to say I’ve become a real snob when it comes to the art I prefer. Illustrator Hoang Nguyen did a beautiful job making all of the “Outlander” characters look awesome, and every page is rich with color and has a soft-focus painting feel. This book gets two thumbs up for making Claire and Jamie look like studly dudleys, and giving every character their own feel. Pretty pictures aside, is it worth it to pick up the “Outlander” graphic novel as a new reader to the series? Is it worth the read if you’ve memorized the whole series?

Not to pour water on your campfire, but I don’t recommend the graphic novel to anyone who hasn’t at least read “Outlander”. It’s a fast-paced graphic work that really only skims the top of the story, and it ends at about the middle of the real “Outlander”. It might be confusing for new fans, and raise some challenging questions about Scotland and Claire Randall’s morals. For anyone who has read “Outlander” and enjoyed it, this is a great way to refresh your memory about the series, or give you a new visual perspective. This is a fun book all around, it’s “hubba hubba” romantic and filled with tons of fast surprises. The story has also been altered a bit, so there are new things to consider about Jamie’s “side” of the story.

The question anyone who has read “Outlander” might be a-wondering is, how did they handle the gruesome bits? What about the naughty bits? Surprisingly, “The Exile” is pretty tactful and low-key about all that. I think the lack of too-visual violence and the no-nip-slip policy was a good call for any kids flipping through books with “pretty pictures”. At the same time, I feel like the graphic novel would be more true to the original if it has been as grody and sexy as the original. Whether you would prefer more blood or less, no one can deny that Claire’s bosom is MASSIVE in this book.

Recommended for fans of “Outlander,” everyone else go home!

-EZ Read Staffer Jenifer


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