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Cross Fire by James Patterson
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Jan 26, 2011

really liked it

** spoiler alert ** The difference between the Cross books and the other books I have read by James Patterson is that I love the Cross family. After reading 17 books with Alex Cross, it's almost like returning to old friends. When Nana almost died last book, I think I even whispered "oh no." That's why I love these books.

This time, Cross is up against some snipers and also, in a way, Kyle Craig. Now if your hoping for a full book of Craig vs Cross, this isn't it, and I'm not sure now if we are ever going to get that book. Instead, Craig gets a face lift and returns as FBI agent Max Siegel. Mixed in with these two groups is also a murderer who is obsessed with equations. So you have three murderers, which means there's no strong storyline with any of theme. The snipers take the lead, followed with the Kyle/Siegel storyling, and then, with only a few pages, is the numbers guy which Sampson is investigating.

The one thing I hate about Cross is that family is very important to him. His kids, nana, and whatever girlfriend he is seeing. But he drops it all as soon as work calls. For that I don't respect him. Plus, he keeps wanting more and more kids. Whose going to watch these kids when Nana is gone? And quit having kids!! Christine returns in this book, which makes no real sense. She says just to see Ali, but the real reason? Nothing is answered in this book involving her.

As for the wedding, that comes towards the end with a honeymoon and a showdown with Kyle. Here's the huge spoiler, which I'm writing this in order to remind myself for the next book, Kyle gets shot in both legs, ends up in an abmbulance where someone shoots an oxygen tank and Craig is burned to death, beyond recognition. In other words, the return of Kyle Craig? Also, possibly the return of Mr. Smith in San Francisco, with Boxer from the Women's Murder Club in the next book? Could be interesting, we'll see.
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