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Lady Gallant by Suzanne Robinson
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Jan 26, 2011

it was amazing
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** spoiler alert ** One of my favourite books ever. Didn't really like the hero until much of the way into the book, but I stuck with it because the story was interesting, I liked the heroine, the trope of pretty man, plain heroine is a favourite with me, and the author really knows her history. She made me really believe I was there in that time. It's set in Tudor times, and I have read very few romances in that period.

The heroine began as such a mouse, but turned into the mouse that roared. This book has a very difficult section in the middle where the hero thinks the heroine betrayed him and he treats her apallingly. I nearly set the book aside at this stage I was so fearful of what the hero was going to do to the heroine. He had proven to be very callous in the beginning of the book and I couldn't put it past him to do something I couldn't forgive; I can't remember another book where I have been so trepidatious of continuing, BUT it wasn't as bad as I thought it could have been. This book subsequently has the best grovel I've ever read! Boy did he have to work ... she didn't make it easy for him at all, but then, he deserved it. The final forgiveness scene is so cute. Kit really did become a wonderful hero then and I even forgave him well before Nora did!

This book is very special as far as I'm concerned!

EDITED TO ADD: I have updated this review to add that I DON'T believe Kit cheated. I believe he set it up to look like he cheated specifically designed to break Nora's spirit during the time he thought she betrayed him. He knew it would destroy her, and it very nearly did. I think it nearly destroyed him to do what he did.

I cannot tolerate cheating in my romance even to the extent that once the H and h have met, any sex with anyone other than the h in my book is cheating even if the relationship hasn't started yet.

I just wanted to add this as it's been a huge discussion on some forums, and for my two cents, I don't believe he cheated, just made it look like he did. My gut told me he didn't cheat and I go with that as I have little tolerence for it and my gut would have rebelled a beauty if I even had the smallest inkling he did. That's my take on it after my initial read, and having reread at least a couple of times to see if I still felt the same. I did. He didn't cheat.

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