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Eulogies III by Christopher Jones
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It's hard to review an anthology. They could have a bunch of stories that are mediocre, with a few gems, or they could all be excellent with a few stinkers that just get in your head so much that you end up putting the book down.

Eulogies III was easy for me to review, despite my previous comments. I found the collection to be eclectic, which is a word I'm probably going to end up using a lot in this review, so strap in.

There is no discernible theme to Eulogies III; no 'these are all zombie stories'(Thank Christ) and no 'these stories are all about second order of vanity'. This is both helps and hinders the antho, and here is what I mean by that: It helps the antho by allowing for a myriad of stories from differing voices and backgrounds to come together and play around in their brain-bones and pull out the hidden, nasty little things they've not had the chance to put out there. Unique is the word of the day in that respect. It hinders the antho for the very same reason. If you saw this book on a shelf, would you think that all the stories were about funerals and death from the title? Today's audiences are used to having things laid out for them in neat little packages; being spoon-fed, if you will. Putting together an antho like this is risky in this market because of that, in my opinion.

On to the real importance of the review: the stories themselves. See, this is where I find the most difficulty reviewing collections. I feel that my calling out specific stories/authors it may lead you, the prospective reader, to decide to skim, or worse, skip over the tales that I, or other reviewers, do not mention.

I will then, simply state this: the overwhelming majority of these stories are NOT BORING! I feel that this is THE worst sin a writer can commit. It is a writer's job to tell a story, yes, but it is also their job to entertain. A writer should make you feel something when you read their work. Be it exhilaration, anger, sadness, or joy, you should feel something concrete enough to form an opinion, even if you hate the story. Boredom and indifference are the things that a reader should never, ever feel when reading a story.

Eulogies III did not bore me. I can think of two stories that I was indifferent to, which I will not call out here, as I am leaving it up to you, the reader of this review, to make up your own mind should you choose to take the Nestea Plunge and pick up Eulogies III.

No. You do not have to read Eulogies I and II to enjoy Eulogies III, but you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't give them a chance.

All in all, Eulogies III is perfect for existing fans of the series, a solid jumping on point for newbies and anyone who is in the indie horror scene, which you should be as there are tons of solid writers out there, churning out tales left and right.
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