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Burning Up Flint by Laurann Dohner
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Jan 26, 2011

did not like it
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Unfortunately this book is my must hate book of 2010. If I didn't have an ereader, this book would have hit the wall at great speed.

I thought the "hero" was an absolutely heartless, unromantic, horrible creature. He treated the heroine badly and I couldn't find any romance in this book at all. I did read it till the end and in my eyes the hero did not redeem himself in any way whatsoever. He was horrible right to the end.

I've loved all this author's books (love the Zorn series and her others, other than the cyborg books which I haven't read at all at this time after hating this book so much) so I was quite shocked that she would produce a hero such as this. In all her other books I've read, the hero has treated his heroine like gold so I expected the same here - not so; bad, bad, bad hero.

I've been assured by another reader that the other cyborg books are okay, that this hero is the only jerk, so I'll go check out the rest now in the hopes that I can love those books. I don't think I'll read Iron's book though, he was such a b*stard in this book, I don't want to know about him.

But this one, sorry author, but no!

EDITED TO ADD: See Mamimi's review - she said it so well, my feelings exactly! (unfortunately after I put this here her review disappeared - a pity because it was one of the best reviews I've ever read - she expressed my revulsion for this book so perfectly)

I have never gone back to read these Cyborg books - can't do it after this one. Her New Species are wonderful and just what I expect from this author - this one ... just no.
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message 1: by Rebeca (new)

Rebeca I could't finish it. And I tried giving a second chance, because of her new species books.

Shabby Girl ~ aka Lady Victoria LOL! I gave up the rest of the cyborgs, I just can't come at them after this book. I LOVE new species as well - although at the time I read this they hadn't come out yet. I went into this horror after loving the Zorn books. I just can't believe this author wrote such a horrible hero. She normally does such wonderful heros, I think it's one of the main reasons I normally love her books. Every now and then I think I can't wait for one of her new books to come out, I might just go try the cyborgs ... then, na, can't do it. Hated this book too much!

message 3: by Georgiana (new) - added it

Georgiana Have to agree with you SG. Just coming upon your review I remember the sick feeling I had, and have again right now, because this "hero" was willing to (I believe I'm recalling correctly)(view spoiler). Having written all that, I remember liking Redeeming Zorus. Zorus was a human-hating Flint-like character in interim books. But his book is aptly named because he turns out to be a decent H in an enjoyable story.

Shabby Girl ~ aka Lady Victoria Yes, your spoiler, Georgiana, just reminded me how much I hated this book. And he never got any better than that. (view spoiler). I have been assured at various times that the heros got better in following books, but I just can't bring myself to read them. I've got to admire your tenacity to read some more, lol. Maybe one day .... mmm, na!

message 5: by Georgiana (new) - added it

Georgiana Ughhh, so right. The more I remember the more I have to agree that it was repulsive (there was that 'smell of burning fat' part-just wrong). I think I must have read them out of order b/c I can definitely see why you don't want to continue.

Shabby Girl ~ aka Lady Victoria Yes, I'll just stick to new species and be happy! I'm just always so amazed that people love this book. Anyway, so many other good books to read :)

Dream Lol! My sentiments exactly... I detested Flint AND the heroine, intentionally putting herself in harm's way, not once, but twice!!! The balcony scene had me seething. BUT...that being said, DO try "Taunting Krell". Don't give up on our males, lol. The heroine is one of the best she's written: strong, has common sense and ADDS VALUE to the plot. I SWEAR! And Krell...that poor wounded hero... Sigh.... Please, just....don't give up.

Shabby Girl ~ aka Lady Victoria LOL! This one burnt so badly, I still haven't talked myself into any more. Plus I was confused which one I should try next. I might think about Krell then since you say it's okay as I don't know what has happened to Laurann Dohner, but she's taking an awful long time to put out a new species book and I'm getting antsy waiting!

Dream You won't regret it (I hope lol) and it'll save you from waiting an even longer time since after TRUE (the next Species book) she's releasing a Cyborg one called BLACKIE. :D

Shabby Girl ~ aka Lady Victoria I'm surprised she's taking so long as she normally gets them out so much faster. I used to follow her blog to see when stuff was coming out, but she's not updating it now and apparently is doing it on Facebook, but I don't use that. So I'll add Krell to my TBR list and see if I can make myself do it, LOL.

Dream Yay! *Thumbs up*

message 12: by Teebee (last edited Oct 25, 2013 05:39AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Teebee Yes, I felt a little angry reading Flint's book, and it's clearly not my favorite. However, I started to read it with the knowledge of how THAT universe worked and I wasn't as pissed as I originally was. And WE ALL KNOW, at least one female in real life who is head over heels in love with a real D*ck! That's Mira and Flint's story.

Krell's story is better!

message 13: by Beck (new) - rated it 2 stars

Beck Santa I agree 1000% I was devastated for the heroin

Shabby Girl ~ aka Lady Victoria Yes, terrible book IMO. I just finished this author's latest Species book, True, and loved it.

message 15: by Beck (new) - rated it 2 stars

Beck Santa Me too! I love her New Species series so I wanted to try this series out...l only finished the book cause I hate leaving a book unfinished no matter what...I will NOT be buying anymore ebooks out of this series. I'll stick to her NS series.

Teebee Shabby Girl ~ aka Lady Victoria wrote: "Yes, terrible book IMO. I just finished this author's latest Species book, True, and loved it."

I Just bought True!!! I can not WAIT to read it!!!

Cyborg Seduction series isn't for everyone, but it has its highpoints...

Shabby Girl ~ aka Lady Victoria I think you will love True. I sure did.

message 18: by Jade (new)

Jade I just started this book after reading the zorn series and omg. I just had to stop reading the book(chapter one) and came here to read the reviews...i couldn'tbelieve it would be this bad.

Shabby Girl ~ aka Lady Victoria Haha, same. I read the Zorns and loved them and then got this one! Eeek. A lot of people loved it though, mmm.

If you haven't read the New Species series, it is different to Zorn, but if you like Zorn, then you will probably like New Species.

Not much happening from Lauranna Dohner this last year or so. I understand she had a "small stroke" Christmas before last. Her daughter has blogged a few times saying she is fine and back to work, but I have my suspicions this might not be the case. I hope she's okay.

message 20: by Jade (new)

Jade Thank you!I will try the new species series cause i really need something good to get over that cyborg.

Shabby Girl ~ aka Lady Victoria You probably need to read New Species in order at least at the beginning to get the set up for the world, but I think you'll like them. They are good escapism and all the heros are good.

Carolina This is a bad-horrible book. This book don't have the magic of New Spaces stories.
This isn't a love story, is a tale of a stupid woman and a male character without feelings.
And the author tried to fix the entire situation on the last pages.

Shabby Girl ~ aka Lady Victoria Carolina wrote: "This is a bad-horrible book. This book don't have the magic of New Spaces stories.
This isn't a love story, is a tale of a stupid woman and a male character without feelings.
And the author tried ..."

Yeah, I was really shocked at it because after Zorn and New Species, I couldn't believe she would write a hero like this, he was just awful. And the heroine was TSTL, which added to the horror of this book. I have since read a couple of these cyborg books, and whilst the heros weren't as bad, they just aren't for me. I won't read anymore of them. But I still continue to love her New Species books, Numbers was wonderful, and am looking forward to her finishing the Zorn series still.

Carmen Great review.

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