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Unearthly by Cynthia Hand
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** spoiler alert ** I don't know how to comment about this book. I'm not exactly sure if I liked it or not. It wasn't really a slow-paced one but it took me a while to get the hang of it. The reason why I decided to read this one was that I got attracted by the book cover. I love the color violet and it really did catch my eye while I was in the bookstore. Of course, I got curious about the story because Richelle Mead (Vampire Academy), one of my favorite authors, praised it.

Here are some of my comments:

1. I was expecting that the story would be written in a mysterious way. Well, it wasn't that it had no mystery, but it was just different from what I was hoping to read. I'm not saying it was bad, but I found some parts corny.

2. I'd say this was better than Fallen or Hush, Hush which both have the same theme about fallen angels.

3. I kind of got pissed with Clara at first because I thought she was another boy-crazy teenager who seemed too attached to Christian. I know that she was supposed to be like his guardian-angel, but the way she acted was way more than being a secret protector. I thought she was taking her relationship with Christian way beyond protector and her-charge line... which leads me to my next comment...

4. Maybe the reason why I felt that way was that I didn't want Clara to end up with Christian. I was pro-Tucker. I didn't warm up with Christian for the most part of the book. I wasn't sure why, but the moment Tucker entered the story I knew instantly that I liked him better than Christian. Maybe I'm just attracted to bad boys. But Tucker wasn't a bad-boy really. He just acted cool around Clara because he liked her. I knew that the moment he first opened his mouth and made a nasty remark about Clara's hair. He was just like typical school boys who tease a girl they like just to get their attention.

5. Although I liked Tucker better, I'd give credit to Christian for being a gentleman. I was touched when he kept on calling Clara to apologize after the prom incident, and when she wouldn't answer he tried explaining his side to Clara's mom. He also waited about three hours outside Clara's house just to prove to her that he was sincere with his apology. I thought I was turning on Christian's side at that point, but then...

6. I got all-tingly inside when Tucker showed up in Clara's house as Wendy's gift on Clara's birthday. He was also a gentleman and the type of guy your parents would love to meet. He had lots of friends but he wasn't Christian-like popular. He just knew how to interact with different sorts of people. It was also touching every time there was a scene between him and his twin sister, Wendy. I could really feel the strong bond between the siblings.

7. I was actually elated when Christian left the scene when he went to New York. But when he came back towards the end, I got confused again about my feelings for the two boys. I was glad that Clara decided to save Tucker first even if she was pre-destined to save Christian. But when I learned that Christian was also an angel-blood like Clara and he also had the same vision that he was supposed to save Clara, I kind of thought that they were supposed to be together. Probably the reason they both have the same vision of saving each other was that their paths would meet and they both have to do a heavenly-mission together.

8. I thought Angela would turn out to be a black-winged angel in the end. I just had a bad feeling about her the moment she revealed that she was also an angel-blood. But the book didn't tell what happened to her next.

9. I still have so many questions that weren't answered: What was Margaret's secret? Who was that dark winged angel that attacked them and what was his relationship with Clara's mom before? What's with Angela and Italy? Where did Jeffery go during the fire? Why was Jeffery's wings darker than Clara's? What will happen now that Clara failed to fulfill her purpose? I hope that these questions will be answered on the next book.

Ha, and I thought I wouldn't have any comments at all! Perhaps I really did like the story. It just wasn't as great as my favorite books, but I realized that I enjoyed it. I thought I was bored while I was reading it, but now I think I kind of got hooked with the story. I’ll definitely read the next book, Hallowed .

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