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Slightly Sinful by Mary Balogh
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Jan 25, 2011

really liked it
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Did I ever thought I could love Alleyne?
I read the simply series before the Slightly series. So I was only interested to read Wulfric and Freyja's story. But never did I think I would love Alleyne so much. He is simply too gorgeous. He has a scandalous charm and a sense of humor. I have never enjoyed a memory losing novel so much before. Too Good. I love Alleyne's Approach to life. His laughter, his joy, his loyalty, his love it all makes me appreciate him more. Reading about him, made me wish he was real!
My only complains - why couldn't I read more of the Bedwyns? I mean Alleyne comes back at the end of the book. There is hardly 20 pages about them. I love reading about them as a whole family. I especially love Wulfric and Freyja and how they both showed their feelings towards Alleyne's return. Simply Beautiful.
About Rachel. She was a good character but I felt Alleyne deserved someone better. I liked their story, loved it infact, but I couldn't like Rachel very much. She seemed very ordinary. It felt like the thousands of other female characters I could come across. The only thing different about her was the way she loved the Bridget and ther other despite knowing their profession. I am kind of a disheartened at Alleyne's choice of love.
Did I mention I love Alleyne?

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Quotes Sababa Liked

Mary Balogh
“If you are never frightened, sir, you would never find out what you was made of and what you was capable of doing. You would never become a better man than what you started out being. P'raps this is what you will discover - what you are made of and what you are capable of. And when you finally do remember who you are, p'raps you will find that you have become a better man than he ever was. P'raps he was a man why never ever grew any more once he reached manhood. P'raps he needed to do something drastic like losing his memory so that he could get his life unstuck.”
Mary Balogh, Slightly Sinful

Mary Balogh
“But it is only people who have plenty of money who can despise it. To the rest of us it is important. It can at least put food in our stomachs clothes on our backs, and it can at least feed our dreams.”
Mary Balogh, Slightly Sinful
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Mary Balogh
“Had he healed one wound only to open another?”
Mary Balogh, Slightly Sinful
tags: heal, wound

Mary Balogh
“Where was Bewcastle?
But then he was there, standing on the terrace some distance away, and such was the power of his presence that everyone seemed to sense it an fell back away from Alleyne even as they stopped talking. There was still all sorts of noise, of course - horses, carriage wheels, voices, the water spouting out of the fountain - but it seemed to Alleyne as if complete silence fell.
Bewcastle had already seen him. His gaze was steady and silver-eyed and inscrutable. His hand reached for the gold-handled, jewel-studded quizzing glass he always wore with formal attire and raised it halfway to his eyes in a characteristic gesture. Then he came striding along the terrace with uncharacteristic speed and did not stop coming until he had caught Alleyne up in a tight, wordless embrace that lasted perhaps a whole minute while Alleyne dipped his forehead to his brother's shoulder and felt at last that he was safe.
It was an extraordinary moment. He had been little more than a child when his father died, but Wulfric himself had been only seventeen. Alleyne had never thought of him as a father figure. Indeed, he had often resented the authority his brother wielded over them with such unwavering strictness, and often with apparant impersonality and lack of humor. He had always thought of his eldest brother as aloof, unfeeling, totally self sufficient. A cold fish. And yet it was in Wulfric's arm that he felt his homecoming most acutely. He felt finally and completely and unconditionally loved.
An extraordinary moment indeed.”
Mary Balogh, Slightly Sinful

Mary Balogh
“Tonight seems eons away, but there are these moments.”
Mary Balogh, Slightly Sinful

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