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Counter To My Intelligence by Lani Lynn Vale
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I wasn't sure I was going to read this one or not, but curiosity got the better of me...and of course, it landed on my kindle first thing this morning so...what else could I do? :)

I had to think hard about how to rate this one because although the story was good, there were a few things about the characters that didn't sit well with me.

First of all, I liked Sawyer. She was sweet and deserved so much more than what she got given. The last eight years have been hell and when she finally gets out of prison, she still has to deal with everyone judging and talking about her. Silas, of course, steps in and ends up playing the part of her protector...which is a little amusing if you think about it, given his history with women(view spoiler).

To be honest, I was expecting the story to cover a whole different aspect of Silas' past. Although it was interesting to see how he started in the MC (view spoiler) and everything that happened, I was expecting to read about his relationship with his children's mothers. But other than a brief mention at one of his grandchildren's christenings, they were barely mentioned. I wanted his ex-wife to confront him or have there be some scene between them, but other than a tense hello, that was it. It was...disappointing. After what I've read in the previous books, I think Leslie (ex-wife) was owed so much more from him and I wanted to see it. Obviously, they must have had a conversation off-scene because Sam talks about how his mother explained everything to him about what really happened way back when and now he feels all guilty and shit about how he treated his father. I still don't think it excuses what went down, but I also think it's not meant to. Silas really was an arsehole, to his women and kids. He has so much to try and make up for, but I think the way he treats his grandchildren is a small start, and the person he has become knows he has a long way to go to make amends. But he's trying and that's a good thing. However, I would have preferred to have been 'shown' the history/drama involving his family rather than being 'told' it in a few paragraphs.

I'm also not a huge fan of people taking their shit out on an innocent person instead of the person they're really mad at (in real life and in fiction). I'm looking at you, Sam and Shiloh! Taking your anger and hurt out on Sawyer with your snide, petty comments (grow the fuck up, you two!) instead of the man you're really pissed at is just childish and unfair. Oh, and no apologies at the end either. All of sudden Sawyer forgets they upset and hurt her and they're all best friends. Weird.

Another thing that icked me out (is 'ick' even a word?) was the relationship Silas had with Sawyer's mother. (view spoiler)

The age thing wasn't an issue for me, but it normally isn't. She was almost 30 and he was 54 and sexy. Who the fuck cares that he's over 20 years older than her? They were happy so I didn't give a shit. But do I think that Silas will be faithful to Sawyer? I think now that he's older (and no doubt she makes him feel young), there is a good chance he will be (or at least, I choose to believe so). But had his club been less family-orientated, then no way. It helped that it was mentioned that he has always been discreet about hookups and were never with local women (nothing like having it thrown in your face time and time again about all the women your man has fucked before you! lol), but I honestly don't think Silas would cheat on Sawyer. Not at this stage in his life.

I think if you can put aside Silas' history and just read the story and enjoy it for how he is as a man NOW (as opposed to THEN), I think it's a 4 star read :) But because of a few issues I had with the mother and history not being quite settled, then I guess for me, it's 3.25 - 3.5 stars.

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