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You Were Here by Cory McCarthy
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Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

I am ruined. This book has taken my heart and my feelings and stomped on them until they were beyond repair. In the best of ways though.

I never expected to get so attached to these characters so quickly. After the first two perspectives I was invested in their lives and relationships, especially between Natalie and Jaycee (AND JAYCEE AND MIK). I think the switching of perspectives combined with HOW the perspectives were told really added something to the story and to the personalities of the characters.

I liked that the grief of Jake's death affected all the characters in a different way, even Bishop who wasn't around when Jake was alive. I liked the exposition of Jaycee's different stages of grief, Natalie's panic attacks, and even Mik's selective muteness that were seen from outside their heads and inside them as well. It was wonderfully done and written.

The only thing I didn't necessarilly like was that at like 67% I felt like the story was close to being wrapped up but it took much longer than I thought. It wasn't that the other adventure spots weren't good, it just felt like it was getting to be a bit repetitive. Although the mall was the best because that is where everything came to the front, but it just felt like we were getting a lot of the same story just in different locations.

McCarthy is a great writer and an excellent storyteller though. She really had a grasp on how different people would handle different situations and that awkward time between high school and university where you need that one last huzzah with your friends but also need to start moving forward. I think this was best seen with Zach but I also liked Natalie's change throughout the novel.

I just had so much love for this book and it's hard to explain why. I just think you have to read it. Beware though: not only will it make you feel things, it will spoil the last Harry Potter book and movie if you haven't read/seen it yet. But yes, highly highly recommend this one!

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