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Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews
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Jan 25, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: awesome-sauce, awesome-heroines, yummy-heroes, cult-of-andrews
Recommended for: Kate Daniels fans

Pretty close to 4.5 stars really. Can a book be better than chocolate? Well, no, but it can be great 'comfort food'. I have to confess that Kate Daniels is part of a small group of comfort food books for me. Which is kinda surprising since I have grown to DETEST 1stPOV. The thing is that Ms. Andrews creates such a great universe and totally suckers me into the story that I actually forget it's in the dreaded 1st.

Now, if you have enjoyed the previous KD books, you'll like this one. There is nothing 'new or omfg surprises'. There is a big bad (this time it's family) and Kate has to deal with it. It is really no surprise who wins. I mean come on. It's called the Kate Daniels series. So it's more of the same. Great fights. More details on the magic and universe and relationships PROGRESS. And people die.

I think that's really what I like about Ms Andrews is that though we know that Kate will come out alive in the end, we don't know what she is going to have to do in order to live. Or who she is going to have to kill.

Why not 5 stars? Well, two reasons. I would have liked some of the fights to have been a bit longer. Some of the henchmen get killed way too easy. The other BIG reason is one scene (which the inner romantic fangirl in me did SQUEE over it) came out as way awkward especially in 1st POV. It felt like...'Fine, I'll give you a smex scene but I don't have to like it. Now leave me alone while I keep telling my story.'

That's the problem with 1stPOV sex scenes. They rarely work. And here it was not horrid, but very uncomfortable. Like it didn't belong. So I'm hoping we can still get that 'romance' and tension but no more sex. Just close the door and fade to black. Please.

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