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Searching for Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede
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Jan 24, 2011

bookshelves: 11th-grade-juniors-advisory

** spoiler alert ** Searching for Dragons
by Patricia C. Wrede

When you have a sword that makes trouble a missing dragon and a king of the enchanted with problems and a princess of the King of dragons.Not just to mention that there are trouble making wizards around every corner and stealing magic every where.The king of dragons i sould mention is a girl and she is the one and only king of dragons at the time is missing.People who are reading this should think theere seems to be a lot of trouble and think it would be interesting to see what happens to the people trying to fix all this even tho they are jsut humans but resourceful ones.

I loved the way everything in the book was summed up in the book but still able to make you want to read the next book. in this book alot of suspense was put at the end but not too much that makes ypou have to run out of the seat to get the book but that if you saw the book you would start reading it. When i finished this book i was so glad i had the third book some where nearby.This was the best part of the book jsut becasue it was the most intresting in what was going to happen and expecting it to be in the book. The summing up of the ending i think made the book good not a drag on cant live with out the next book ending becuse it jsut annoys me if i cant get the next book.

i recomend it to people who plan to read the 3rd book or the whole series and have read the 1st book becasue the 1st book explains how the stufff works in the book. the 2nd book end in and ending that makes you plan to read the 3rd book so if you already plann to read this book you will be avble to find out how it ends.Also if they are the age of 13 to 17 i think the people would be the most intrested. if they like to see woman who really affect men and magic and dragons.

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