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Spring by William Horwood
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Jan 24, 2011

it was amazing
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William Horwood’s Hyddenworld. Though I read a great deal I wouldn’t have imagined that a book could affect me so profoundly that it would invade my dreams, my psyche, and basically just nag away quietly in the background.

I don’t expect people to have the same epiphany from the same book. We’re all different, after all. I used to devour Mr Horwood's books, there is a rare, beautiful and excoriating vein of sorrow that threads through them. And he got the idea of love as redemption way before JK. Rowling used it as a shield for Mr Potter.

So Hyddenworld. The book. It’s a stately read. Leisurely, across it’s 500 pages and there are parts which if I’m honest are more telling than showing with a little bit of slippage. Simple, evocative language. Themes that are familiar in many ways (I kept thinking of Borrowers more than Hobbits) and the magical boundaries of this country that I live in, England which I now wish to refer to forever as Englalond. Faithful attention to the legend of Imbolc.

The humans (and giant Hydden). Cast up on a shore of pain, yet moving forward in a voyage of self discovery. What really set this book apart for me was their depiction. We all know that some people are evil. However, in this book there were people who let life unfold for the beauty of it, and discovered joy and love without gratuitous description. I hadn’t realise how much I wanted to read a book like this until I read it. It’s…wholesome. But not in a preachy manner.

So I read this, and my heart gave it five stars. Thank you, Mr Horwood. Again. Now where are the next three volumes....?

* update...I have Summer (Awakenings) in my grubby mitts now, oh thank you gods..!
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Chris I envy you; easy access to Horwood. I "discovered" him when I went to Holland in 1996. I picked up the Book of Silence sequence and then the first three. Could not put them down. I finally got his autobiography.

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