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Paint My Body Red by Heidi R. Kling
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really liked it

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this was unique and wonderful. As we watch Paige slowly unburden herself of the guilt and open up again we see a new young woman emerge. Watching her find room in her heart for love and finding her dad and a family that loves without burdens but because they do is wonderful.

When I first started to read the then sections,which are powerful, I didn’t like all aspects of Paige. She was a user. She used Ty as a outlet for pain and when things got real she hurt him. HE was in a horrible place and yes was a horrible person but she did use him for her own needs and than didn’t care to help him by speaking out. I mean yes things happen and she doesn’t shoulder the blame because Ty was the person in charge of himself but she did use him and that was wrong. What was happening in California had a impact on her in ways she didn’t think until she began to see it after separating herself from it. It is her Dad,Anna and Jake that help her find her way. They don’t pry, but accept her as is and doesn’t care about what happened in the past but about the here and now. They are there to support and listen when she needs it but not bury her in the past or her pain. They want her to move on and find peace and herself again.

Her dad was sweet and it was sad to see him the way he was. But he played a pivotal role in showing Paige that when life gets tough fight for what you believe in and love. Fight for life as well. They got close as Paige found that she loves the city but needs the cowgirl in her to create balance. Her dad helped her see what love with no forced ways is needed to heal and become who you are meant to be.

Jake oh Jake. He is so so amazing. He helps Paige the most by showing her patience, kindness, support and belief. Belief in her and that she isn’t her past but a strong stubborn woman who is worthy of love and kindness. That she isn’t to blame for the bad but that things happen and there is no reason sometimes but that we need to learn to live and move on. Accept that bad things happen and move on.

Jake shows Paige so much love and friendship. This is a great relationship for Paige because he accepts and loves all of her. He doesn’t judge even after reading her past but loves her unconditionally. he shows her kindness and support. He is hard working, smart sweet and loyal. He is the perfect balance for Paige and as the book goes on and they get closer and closer you see this more and more. Seeing them fall in love was a breath of fresh air and great to have occur.

This is a book on finding acceptance within yourself and with others while moving on and opening yourself up to love and finding yourself. A book on love and moving on from the past- a past that is painful but not your fault. A unique book that shows us patience and love. Acceptance and forgiveness of yourself.
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