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Women After All by Melvin Konner
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Fashionable Bigotry

Tipped off by this author’s Wall Street Journal article, a library copy of his book allowed a clearer picture of his thesis, and a decision to buy it or not. Fortunately, I saved the money. Leave it to an anthropologist from the social “studies” to promote fashionable anti-male bigotry under the guise of academic authority. Support for his position is mere assertion and agenda, without bothering to test his hypothesis against reality, which happens to be quite satisfactory for his tribal affiliations. As a physicist I’ve seen this in the social studies a thousand times. Konner’s bigoted spin is apparent when he submits that hunter-gatherer males engaged in dangerous labor sharing of the hunt in order to “show off.” While unrecorded by any means, but channeled through Konner, women spoke “truth to power every night around the fire,” but were, regardless, oppressed. We find war as the “universal booster of male status.” Tell that to marines slogging through parasite infested mires of Vietnam, Iwo Jima, or French trenches, strangled on mustard gas. For Konner, there is no higher cause for males than dictates of testosterone (is that why he wrote this book?) – not preserving democracy, not freedom, not an end to beheadings. Even nature is “derailed,” writes Konner, when purity of the female body plan is corrupted by the Y male chromosome. The cultural treasures of the Bible, Iliad, and Indian Epics are boiled to simplicity in reductionist acid, serving the author’s anti-male bias, while he displays his ignorance of mythological female figures full of destruction. Emory University may want to check Melvin Konner’s credentials as he’s even unaware of modern day corruption, including assassinations, by women in power in Argentina, Sierra Leon, Chile, and Brazil. Such representation says little for Emory. Books like this function to infuriate or confuse the public as to the nature of real science from physics to biology, while anthropologists like Konner play make believe scientist in a public forum where the public doesn’t know the difference.
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