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The Heir by Kiera Cass
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it was ok

Okay. So I liked it.

I was glad we finally got what we came to the Selection series for! I wanted a story with an actual question of who the MC was going to end up with, and not fall in love from the first page. And there are some actual pretty great candidates here! So we got that, and a bunch of boys that we're pretty in love with. Now for the things I mostly didn't like:


My problem with Eadlyn was not necessarily her selfishness, but then it was her selfishness. Just that, the character of Eadlyn is so full of herself and always thinking that people can only make decisions with her happiness and contentment in mind. She doesn't even notice some people she's known her whole life until she's forced to because of the Selection. I don't dislike selfish characters necessarily; if they grow and learn from their mistakes, and become wiser, more honorable people. But Eadlyn does not change at all in this book! (unless you count (view spoiler) That is what was so unbelievable to me. Her character is so awful, it is unrealistic for us humans, who are trying to be better humans. Eadlyn makes so little progress that it makes it hard to feel bad for her. (view spoiler) She is so consumed with her high status, it is impossible to relate to her! No one wants to read about a queen-to-be who is in love with herself! I mean, a love story where the main character can't imagine being in love with anyone? We want a humble protagonist (or at least one with weaknesses we can relate to). I mean if I have to read,

"I am Eadlyn Schreave, no one in the world is as powerful as me."

again, I will probably throw up on all these fake characters. Now, speaking of multiple characters:

The returning characters from the first trilogy had completely altered characters, for the most part.

They lost all their personalities! (Except Aspen and Lucy; I like them a lot, actually. And I'm glad I can love Aspen now, because he used to be so annoying!) Especially May. It seemed so off to me that she never settled down with anyone, because she seemed so much to be the one to do that, between her and her sister, America. Just because she was boy-crazy when she was fourteen (in a very innocent way, might I add), does not mean she is a boy-crazy thirty-something-year-old! Kiera Cass must have not been able to come up with an idea for the personality of old May (maybe because she was so young in the last book?) That was just a weird thing in the story.

Lady Brice

I guess this an example of Eadlyn never "noticing" someone she had known her whole life. (Not sure if that's what Kiera Cass was going for?... Because I did not see the point of this part.) I did not appreciate the weird feeling this part gave me when it talked about why Maxon had always kept her in the cabinet and why she wasn't married. I was hoping I would really like Lady Brice and we would get to know her personality and ambitions because she was the only woman in the cabinet (is that what it's called?) But what we got was this part that was so vague, and what it did present about her was only unlikeableness and an unrelatable personality, and secretiveness? (I honestly don't know.) I mean, "'I do think motherhood is an honor. And not everyone does it well.'" And Eadlyn says, "The hint of bitterness in her tone made me think she was referring to her own mother..." Ummmm... We don't care. I thought that it was some sort of foreshadowing of some secret that we were going to find out about her later in the book. But turns out, she had no significance whatsoever in the plot. So I thought that was a weird little thing to throw in the middle of a story, when I finished the book and found out it was never going to mention her again. Yep, random.

Bile Kile

It was so unrealistic that she never found out that he was an architect until after the Selection started; that the books he was always reading were about architecture. He was trying to educate himself! Wow! Even if Eadlyn was extremely self-centered, and judged Kile because of his sister (who I really like! Her behavior is very understandable. I thought Eadlyn was going to change her mind about her and become more mature, but she never does! Josie is right about her. I'm surprised Josie doesn't have fits because Eadlyn treats her so badly. She seems to ignore it pretty well). The fact that Eadlyn never notices this about Kile for eighteen years, is just weird. She claims to know him so well, but the only thing she seems to know is that his hair always messy! She tries to make a joke about this on the Report one time to Gavril, and because it's true, and not a silly joke, this actually is kind of despicable. The very thing she thinks she hates about him (that he's always reading books) is the thing that, the second the Selection starts, she loves about him. I was excited about Kile. I had this perception of him from the beginning of the book that he was a reclusive book-addict, kind of awkward and not that into girls an just generally kind of mysterious. I thought it would be good for Eadlyn to be around him. I was excited for their love story! But Kile just turned out to be a stereotypical "hot" guy, that because of the Selection, all of a sudden he is a turn-on for Eadlyn every time he walks by. I was excited by the first kiss that she didn't know if he felt like it was real and that she wouldn't find out, and he would toy with her affections, and she would eventually find out she was falling in love with him after a long time! If it weren't so obvious (and not in a pleasant way) that she was going to end up with Kile, I would have felt so much better about the prospects of the other boys. Kiera Cass had to make almost all of the boys look so likeable (and not Kile, may I add) that when she ends up with him, it's going to be extremely disappointing for all of us. Nothing's going to change between them. We're not going to see anything new. What else can they do? Make out in a different way this time, now that they're married? But between her and another boy, so many cool things could happen. Like she could learn to not be so narrow minded and snotty. And about Erik, I love him, but honestly, he is a thousands time too good for her, and they would be a horrible couple. If only he could find a girl as nice as him!

And lastly, Ahren

I like Ahren a lot, actually. He is a very good character in the story. He can see everything so much clearer than Eadlyn can, which is what Eadlyn needs. And the fact that he makes that decision to teach Eadlyn a lesson, and that he can't always be looking out for her happiness, that he needs to make decisions for his happiness, too; I respect Ahren a lot for that. I think he is very wise and mature. But Camille's intentions confuse me. Which is okay. I like her. (view spoiler) But Camille redeems herself. (view spoiler)

Hopefully Eadlyn can change into a more reasonable woman in the next book. For goodness's sake.
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