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Bloody Valentine by Melissa de la Cruz
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Jan 21, 2011

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Bloody Valentine is the newest installment of Melissa de la Cruz's popular Blue Bloods series. Well, sort of. It's actually a collection of three short stories set in the Blue Bloods world.

The first vignette takes place after the events of Misguided Angel. (Note: Kudos to de la Cruz -- references to the events of that story are vague, for readers who accidentally read Bloody Valentine before Misguided Angel, like I did.) Schuyler Van Alen's human familiar and former best friend, Oliver Hazard-Perry, is nursing a broken heart after she finally commits herself to her true love, fellow Blue Blood Jack Force. One night while drinking in one of his favorite dive bars, he finds himself telling his sad story to the beautiful bartender, Freya. Freya helps heal Ollie's broken heart -- with the help of a little magic. This story provides an effective introduction to de la Cruz's new adult series, The Witches of East End. Freya is intriguing enough to follow over to the new series, and I look forward to reading more about Freya's "recipes" and how they might play a part in the East End books. And all that aside -- it's nice to see poor Oliver get some love. Seriously.

The second piece brings readers back to the meeting of Schuyler's parents, her Blue Blood mother Allegra and her human father, Ben. The story provides an interesting flashback to the dynamic between Allegra's twin and bondmate, Charles Force, and Allegra, providing a peek at their breakdown. I was least interested in this story, although it does give readers some new history about the Blue Bloods, especially Michael and Gabrielle.

In the final story, readers get the payoff of Schuyler and Jack's bonding. It's a short piece, but it manages help advance the episodic story line of the rest of the book series. There's some action, some long-awaited for relationship development, and some sweet moments between Jack and Schuyler, as well as some other old friends from the series' earlier books. At the end of this story, there's also a set-up for another series projected for de la Cruz -- this one featuring Bliss and the Hellhounds.

Overall, the stories were good -- de la Cruz's writing has bloomed throughout the series, and these latest books are much more polished than the first few Blue Blood's books. Unfortunately, I'm just not a short story girl. And these were REALLY short stories. If I hadn't gotten the book out of the library, I would have been disappointed to have spent $14.99 for a hardcover with so little content.

However, I will say, the cover is striking, and the book is a nice read for fans who want another small taste of Blue Bloods to tide them over until the next book is released in late 2011.


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