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Elantris by Brandon Sanderson
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Jan 21, 2011

it was amazing
Read on September 19, 2012

This was a great audio book, loved the voice and the story. Sanderson has a great ability to build this amazing world that you feel completely apart of. I really wanted to go and see the City of Elantris and its people after it was restored to it's former glory.
The people of Elantris as well as the city have become ill to the point of near death. They are ghastly to look upon and are left in the city or thrown back into it for fear that it is contagious. Roeden the Prince ends up with this illness and cast into Elantris just a few days before his wedding. The poor guy and his poor fiance Serene I felt bad for them. Worst yet Serene thinks her husband to-be is dead. Serene is such a likable character she knows she is different from the other girls, not quite as pretty, overly tall, smart, feisty and thick headed, she fights for truth, and things that are right. She is very courageous, and loves her people. Her husband to-be well he is quite handsome (well when not inflicted with the illness of Elantris), smart, kind and chivalrous. He becomes a leader in the hopeless Elantris, he cares for these people who are his people. He sees how hopeless and sad, and pained the people have become and he wants to give them hope, which he does. Without hope life would be miserable, hope is what gets us through the rough times in our lives, realizing that it will pass, or learning to find the good in a bad situation. Hope is like a life preserver, keeping us buoyed up until someone or something comes along and relief is found. That is Roeden to these people. Outside of Elantris there is conflict of power going on between the king and his lords as well as Hrathen and his god. There are plenty of twist and turns to this story that keep you guessing. Quite an enjoyable read. I look forward to reading more from this author.

content:clean read, some minor violence
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message 1: by joy (new) - rated it 5 stars

joy *the clean-reader extraordinaire* you might see if this one quenches your fantasy desires for now!

Cindy I have heard lots of good things about this one, I do need to read it hopefully soon:)

Mithrendiel Oooooo this is one of my favorites, Cindy! It is a beautiful stand alone story, with such a powerful message of hope.

I'm so glad you read it and enjoyed it. Since you liked this one - You'll probably love the rest of this books too. My 2nd favorite by him was Warbreaker.

Cindy I did really like this one, and it is a beautiful story. I loved that it was a one volume stand alone book. It seems that in the fantasy genre a stand alone is hard to find. I think I have most of his books. Warbreaker sounds so intriguing, and the cover is just gorgeous. I am glad to here you like his bookds too. I look forward to reading more from this author.:)

Erica (daydreamer) Cindy, read Mistborn next. It's ten times more awesome than Elantris. You'll love it :)

Cindy That is exciting to hear! He does such a great job creating and amazing world and characters. I loved Roeden:D Swoon!

message 7: by joy (new) - rated it 5 stars

joy *the clean-reader extraordinaire* ooh, i do agree that Mistborn: The Final Empire is fantastic fantasy. throughout the book, i kept exclaiming to myself over the creatively original magic system and laughing out loud at the dialogue! it's more of a genre read than this one, though.

Cindy I will definitely have to get to this series sooner than later, I can see.

Mithrendiel It's strange - I enjoyed Mistborn, I really did, but it didn't resonate with me quite as much as Sanderson's standalone novels (Elantris and Warbreaker). I think the first book had a slow start (which makes sense since it's a trilogy), and the overall story, while beautiful, had more of a bleak, somewhat hopeless feel to it. The end especially had a twist that was both clever and depressing.

Cindy That is good to know. Elantris seemed a little sad and hopeless until Roden enters Elantris as well. I think it will be a while before I read any more of his. I like listening to them I think almost more than I will like reading them. I love the cover art on Warbreaker. I really want to get back to my Sarantha Jax series, I really loved it. In the middle of doing a bunch of reviews for arcs at the moment though, and they have been good stories so it's all good.
I was just thinking of you the other day who is the big project going? Reading anything good?:D

Mithrendiel I can't wait to see your reviews for the Arcs. Were there any of them that really stood out or made your favorite category? I want you to get back to the Sirantha series too. And Fever! : ) I can’t wait to talk to you about them. I’m actually going to be re-reading Fever sometime this next month (in preparation for Moning releasing the first book in a follow up series), so it’ll all be fresh in my mind and we can hopefully chat about it.

Of the two big projects I was working on, one of them is wrapped up; the other is postponed until the middle of October (YAY!). You are so kind to ask! I spent the last week at an IT convention in Orlando which was a ton of fun, but left me little time to read. So, I’ve just barely managed to finish Enclave and Outpost, and started my re-read of Girl of Fire and Thorns. Fortunately I now have a completely open schedule for a few weeks, so I plan on catching up on a lot of reading and writing reviews. You know how behind I was before, and I’m even more behind now thanks to all of these pesky RL obligations. LOL

How is you week going thus far?

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