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I hate to say it but I was so disappointed in this book, the second in a series. I gave the first one 5 stars - a high rating for a book with a lot of sex, but I loved it because the story was emotional and very heartwarming for a vamp book. And I wanted to like this one, I really did and I really tried, but in the end I think I skipped over almost as much as I read - mostly an overabundance of redundant sex scenes that turned the book into one big porn read.

The chapters were really short and not synced to each in any way - one chapter Trick left Bast to come back to the couch and some furniture were missing, he wondered about that but then it wasn't mentioned again. Same with Bast suddenly wanting to redecorate the apartment, he had the paint and moved the furniture and they talked about it, but then the chapter ended. A few chapters later they talked about redecorating because Bast was tired of the goth look. It was just confusing and hard to find the real meat of the story under all the sex. I didn't find the characters as engaging as before mainly because everything was Sweets and baby-boy and sex.

I'm giving it a 2.5 upped to a 3 mainly because I still loved Bast and Trick, and think they had the potential to actually talk and be lovers instead of just sex fiends. Plus, I still have some of their emotional love left in my head from the first book.

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Bookwatcher I gave just one star, and like you I loved the first of this serie... terrible this book... just terrible.

Karen K It was a disappointment definitely especially when I really loved the characters in the first book.

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