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The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan
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Jan 21, 2011

it was ok
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Read from June 19 to 24, 2011

okay, 2 stars rate has never happened with Rick Riordan's works, until now. I found The Throne of Fire is really well written with some great twist but this book is so, unoriginal. Let's see.. The world is at the end.Check. Two kids are their savior. Check. Mob of monster and obstacles. Check.

The way they saved the world was predictable. I can even guess that when they gambled with Khonsu. And one more thing, the main charactors were Sadie AND Carter, not just Sadie. I felt like everything was spinning around Sadie. Carter plunged into trouble. Sadie solved the problem. Carter was injured. Sadie solved the problem(again).
Even the sentiment was not fair, too. Carter's was just about 3 chapters while Sadie relationship occupied almost everywhere.

The relationship lines, oh yeah. It's okay to me but the Carter/Zia love annoyed me sometimes. Why Carter had to act so STUPID ? AND SELFISH ? Zia is just another girl but Sadie is his FLESH AND BLOOD. Stupid, easily-to-obssesed,egoistic hero. Urgg.

But there were some good things i like about this. One: It was freaking hilarious. Two : Set. He always made me laugh. Three : Bast the ludicruos but awesome. Four : I melt with Sadie everytime there was Anubis.Five: The fighting/ battle scenes were good enough for me.

Overall, The Throne of fire is a adventurous, hilarious book that might be enjoyable if you like "a bunch of fights", mythologic book and the Kane Chronicles.

I can't believe i'd say this but i like the 1st better.
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Cassandra Lê How is it so far? :)

Haylee Luu pretty okay but i hate Carter....

Cassandra Lê oh... I hate Sadie, honestly...

Ellie Whyyyy??? I like both of them!

Haylee Luu like i said above, Carter was only cared about Zia. Okay Zia has an important destiny , so what ?If i were Sadie i'd punched him and thrash him and so on ..

Ellie But knowing Carter and Sadie, I'm sure he thought that she could take care of herself!

Ellie TWO STARS?!?!?!?!?1?1??1?1/1

Haylee Luu i just changed my mind =(

Cassandra Lê I think you're right, Karen! Not that I'm hating Carter or Sadie, I've just feel that things happened a lot for Sadie! I felt quite disappoint in this book...

Ellie REALLY?!?! I loved it! I thought Sadie's friends were hilarious!

Cassandra Lê I like her friends too :)

Ellen Wauchope I disagree, I don't really like her friends. I just think it was so unrealistic. If you found out that you were running for your lives from a couple of Egyption gods with your friend who is a descendant magician from a Egyption Pharoah, would you really just go "okay cool, let's go fight some monsters!" ? I think they are cool but really I would have thought they would have freaked out a lot more.

message 13: by Ethan (new)

Ethan I agree with everything. I also hated Walt Stone. I threw my book at the wall when I head that Sadie thought he was hot *barf*. It also didn't really feel like Walt was a real competitor in the love triangle. I felt like he was just... there like the third wheel. Also, seriously Rick? You just had to ruin the book with a love triangle?

Cassandra Lê I guess this series try too hard to be Percy Jackson....

message 15: by Clara (new)

Clara Gee I liked Bast and Sadie and Carter and pretty much a lot of people.

Jeevan Sathyanarayanan whyyyyyyyyyy

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