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The Boy Most Likely To by Huntley Fitzpatrick
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Ohhhh that was adorably tragic and I LOVED IT SO MUCH MY HEART HURTS. I was such a fan of Tim when he was a secondary character in My Life Next Door. And honestly??? This book is like 1000% better with it being focused on precious tragic loser Tim and angry snappy heroic Alice. I love them. I will squish them with enthusiasm. Or mabye not, because that would be rude probably.

** NOTE: I will talk about one spoiler in this book without spoiler tags! It is a plot twist and happens around the 100-page mark. But it colours the book SO MUCH I just think it's impossible to discuss the book without talking about it, yes?? But if you want to go in blind don't read on obviously.


My favourite part, of course, is Tim and getting to be in his perspective. He's sassy and actually quite smart and he covers everything that hurts him with sarcastic/sassy remarks. IT'S tRAGIC OKAY?! His humour is his armour. Basically everyone has labelled him the alcoholic, loser, drop-out, jerk...the "boy most likely to fail at life" basically. It's super sad. He's trying to get his life back no track but like no one believes in him. THAT MUST BE SUPER HARD. OMG MY PRECIOUS BUNDLE OF TRYING.

Also I really like how this book talks about addictions and recovery. Tim is a recovering alcoholic. I see a TON of YA books about teens who are falling down the drugs/alcoholic route....and that's usually what happens. THEY FALL. I want to see more books where they're picking back up again. So I think this book is very much needed especially when it tells the other side of the story when it come sto addiction.

Then there's Alice...AHHH ALICE. She's so angry! And wonderful! And she totally takes zero crap from anyone. She does a lot of looking-after-her-gazillion-siblings because of Mrs. Garrett being pregnant and Mr. Garrett still being in rehab after the accident in My Life Next Door.

AND CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT HOW AWESOME THE GARRETT FAMILY IS?!??!? I looove them so much. Big family win. And since Tim lives above their garage, we like get sooo much more Garretts. It's glorious.

I request a spin off for each Garrett child immediately. (Although I maintain George doesn't act like a 4yo...he's far too eloquent and well spoken. Either that or he's Autistic and it doesn't write him as an ASD kid so, idek. But the rest of the siblings/family dynamics are perfect.)

Okay, and then there's the fact that: Tim is also a father. This part of the story line ABSOLUTELY GOT ME. I love small human mortals. They are adorable. I babysit my sister's collection frequently. But like imagine being 17 and suddenly "hey you're a dad". OMG IT WAS SUCH A PLOT TWIST. Most of the book is Tim looking after his little Calvin while the mother tries to get the adoption thing going.

(BTW, the mother is horrible. Like she totally drives up, says "Hey Tim you have a son, can you babysit for a few nights?" and dumps the child and leaves. She has NO attachment to her baby, it's actually disturbing????)


The actual writing, I did find a little clunky at times. My biggest pet peeve was the fact that it's dual narrated, but both in 1st person...with NO INDICATION ON WHOSE CHAPTER IT IS. Just arghar agh ghgarghghg, okay?!? It drove me crazy. I had such a hard time figuring out if it was Tim or Alice speaking sometimes. And I do think the writing clunked often. It got better as it went on. And it was way too long. 500-pages is ALWAYS too long for a contemporary, in my opinion. Less blather! More action! Huzh!

ALL IN ALL: this book absolutely wrapped around my soul and gave me all the feels. It was equal parts noble and tragic and feelsy and adorable. I loved how Tim and Alice made tons of mistakes but kept giving each other a bit of room to fail. I LOVE Tim's character development. Calvin is adorable. <33 There was actual ice cream. SO much sass. And a dead owl in the freezer at one point. The chaos of a big family. Ohhhhhhhh....I just like.
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Shanti I loved this book too! Tim is just so inspiring, and the way he recovered and loved was so fabulous!


message 3: by Katie (new)

Katie  Hanna BIG FAMILIES FOR THE WIN YESSSSSSSSSSSSS. (I have seven siblings, so yeah ;-) )

C.G. Drews @Jessica: WOOO you win!! haha, I only have 5. ;D

Annie-JoElizabeth I've (possibly) been reading way too many contemporaries as of late and they're kinda smushing together in my head, but this, THIS looks different and promising! I'm all in for big, realistically portrayed families (one of nine kids here, btw) and previously terrible characters redeeming themselves. Should I read My Life Next Door first, though?

C.G. Drews @Annie-JoElizabeth: I think this one is better, but I do think you should read My Life Next Door first. BUT THEN THIS ONE STRAIGHT AFTER. *piles them on your head*

Samantha (WLABB) Your reviews are so awesome. They always make me smile. Thanks!

message 8: by Sandee (new)

Sandee Haven't read anything by this author yet, but now that you're gushing about this, I probably need to. :)

Great review!

C.G. Drews @Sam: Aww, thankyou!

@Aria: DEFINITELY. Start with My Life Next Door and then this one!

message 10: by Emma (new) - rated it 2 stars

Emma I know you wrote this comment years ago but just picked up a copy of this and started reading it and was thinking oh this is really familiar have I read this book before and now I know why, because it's the same characters in My Life Next Door can't believe I missed this. Duh

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