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Beastly by Alex Flinn
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Jan 19, 2011

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Somewhere between a 2.5 and 3. An entertaining modern concept based on the "Beauty and the Beast" Fairytale. However, as a fairytale taking place in a modern day society, I had a few problems with some of the characters/plot development.

1. I had issues with Kyle/pre-beast's character development. First off, he's in 9th grade, which I think is too young for the following character changes to take place; I think 11th grade might be a more realistic start. We already know the "pre-beast/Kyle" is beautiful/arrogant, and I think Flinn does an ok job with portraying this. But the thing that I didn't really like about Kyle or Flinn's portrayal of him is that he is also a player and while, I can understand why she would consider him to be one, the connection is not very fluid. In fact, if Flinn just eliminated, his playerish side, it wouldn't affect the story at all. And I'm also not very comfortable with the idea that 9th graders are going out and having sex, etc...I mean, I guess that's the reality of today but it just wasn't necessary to the plot and a little disturbing.
2. Then the whole reason why Lindy (the beauty) comes to stay with Kyle is just so unrealistic. I mean as a fairytale, I guess it makes sense...but if a girl in today's society was EVER forced to live with someone (no matter how 'nice' they were to her), I doubt she would truly fall in love...and if she did, I would say she needs to see a therapist.
3. The transition from when Kyle begins to fall in love with lindy was too abrupt. I literally felt like I turned the page and all of a sudden I'm reading that he's so in love with her. No development there at all.

If you look beyond those things, the story was entertaining enough for me to finish even if some parts were grossly unrealistic.

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message 1: by Tam Tam (new) - added it

Tam Tam eh i tried this one years ago....unfinished.

message 2: by Tam Tam (new) - added it

Tam Tam Okay I looked up the Beastly movie on imdb. The main character, apparently is in a lot of books to tv films. But then again I guess lots of movies are books.

Pricky Oh yes. Alex Pettyfer. Totally hot. Totally in. Except I think maybe he smokes which is totally NOT.

message 4: by Tam Tam (new) - added it

Tam Tam I didn't really realize he was the same person in beastly when I was watching I am # 4.

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