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A Book of Spirits and Thieves by Morgan Rhodes
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This is a great spin-off series that helps expand the world that Rhodes has created in Falling Kingdoms while not alienating readers who may not have read that series. It brings together little pieces of both our world and Mytica which is super exciting. As well, we are able to see the history behind the events that are currently happening in Falling Kingdoms, which is SUPER COOL. Since this is only a trilogy, and the second book is out at the end of the month, if you are hesitant about starting the epically long Falling Kingdoms series, try A Book of Spirits and Thieves first to determine if you want to know more about the world (Spoiler: you will).

I think the characters in this one had better introductions than what we got from the characters in Falling Kingdoms. I really liked Crystal and how she was doing her best to be a good sister while also forging her own path. It was interesting to see her dynamic with her family because she wanted answers and instead of just asking questions, she did what she could to find the answers. She was very thorough in her research and tried to see both sides of the story before coming to any conclusions. It was refreshing that she wanted to make a name for herself but also wanted to be a good sister because I am sure she will come to realize that both can be done.

I really liked having Farrell's perspective because he was on the complete other side. He doesn't wholeheartedly believe in what he's doing, but he believes in it enough to keep doing it and I think it will be interesting to see how he merges what he knows about the Hawkspear Society with what Crystal knows about it. I think there is a lot of room for character growth with him and he is will be my favourite by the end.

However, Maddox's point of view was the best because we were back in Mytica. I loved seeing the early stages of the world I've come to know and love because it was SO different. And I am really excited to see how it grows and changes and what that means. Plus we are learning more about the history!! And OMG! So many new twists and turns which will only add to my enjoyment of Crystal Storm when it releases! I also really liked that even though Maddox had magic, he was intimidated by it and didn't necessarily want to use it. I think there are too many characters out there who just use whatever they are given and don't think about the consequences, but not Maddox! Plus, I started to really love him and (view spoiler). So I can't wait to see where that heads next!

I think the plot was pretty interesting. I liked how the Toronto plot overlapped with the Mytica plot and I am really excited to see where it goes. For me, though, Rhodes's stories are character heavy. And these characters are really delivering. They are all fairly selfish and want answers to please themselves so I can't WAIT TO SEE WHERE THIS GOES. I haven't been this excited about a new series in a long time so I'm super duper happy right now.

I do think that some of the story was a bit rushed and there were some big reveals that were kind of glossed over. We learned what the reveal was, but not what it meant for the story and I think that is something we see too often in these kinds of stories. It is all about the immediate drama of revealing the twist rather than the long term drama of what it means for the future of the story. I am sure it will be expanded upon in the next book but I am still a bit hesitant because what if it doesn't really get addressed again in the future?

Overall, I highly recommend A Book of Spirits and Thieves AND Falling Kingdoms because both are excellent and have excellent characters and Canadian author! That's all.

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