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The Kinshield Legacy by K.C. May
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Jan 19, 2011

liked it

(from Murphy's Library - - rated 2 and a half there)

Gavin Kinshield is trying to solve the Rune Stones, something will make him become the new King. On his journey, he's constantly reminded the fact that Ronor Kinshield, his ancestral, was a hero. Although he's not quite sure what happened, because as far as he remembers, Ronor's story doesn't end up well. And when he sees an opportunity to put his hands on the letter Ronor wrote to the Lordover Tern following King Arek's death, he's sure that's his chance to find out exactly what happened. But things aren't that simple...

Gavin faces tons of obstacles on his journey and meets a lot of people. And by a lot, I mean a lot. What bothered me on this book is that there are way too many characters. I'm really, really bad with names, so let's just say too many characters don't help me at all LOL The Kinshield Legacy is a long book: the paperback version has 378 pages, there are 63 chapters on it plus an Epilogue, but for me it felt like it was even longer. I can't deny, though, the hard work KC May has done on the characterization. We can totally feel every character's motivations, because we know exactly who they are and what they want. If you like a book filled with action, this is for you.

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