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Betrayals by Lili St. Crow
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Jan 19, 2011

it was amazing

(from Murphy's Library - - rated 4 and a half there)

I love you, Guta. She knew I was dying to read this book so she gave it to me as a birthday present—one of them, I must say!—and I started reading it right away—not before Murphy tried to fool us, I also must say. Sorry "To Read" list, but Christophe has my heart and you had to wait.

We start Betrayals exactly where we were left in Strange Angels: Dru and Graves have just arrived at the Order, and they're headed to the Schola, where Christophe said she'd be trained—and she'd have to be careful because he's sure there is a traitor among the Order members, so she's not safe there. Can you imagine what happens when she's been put in a school where she's the only woman, and all the others students are either werwulfen or djamphir? Oh, did I forget to mention the fact that suckers are crazy for svetocha's blood once they haven't bloomed yet? So, yeah, go figure how Dru's life is going to be locked inside a school full of little djamphirs.

And, of course, things get a little weird as the time goes by there. Dru's convinced there's something really wrong, because Christophe is nowhere to be found and he has told her she'd be trained there, but apparently she's been kept out of radar. The closest she gets to a training is when she fights with other students. Graves, on the other hand, seems to be pretty interested on the classes—and making new friends.

Just like with Strange Angels, I read Betrayals really, really fast, and when I finished it I was already dying for Jealousy. On this book we find out more about what happened to Dru's mother, and some of the questions about Christophe seem to be answered. We also find out a little bit about the whole universe Lili St. Crow created to these books—after all, Graves is paying attention on his classes, exactly what Dru hasn't been doing. Betrayals has as much action as Strange Angels, and sometimes I had to remember myself to breathe before going ahead on some paragraphs.

After Strange Angels, the first-person narrative didn't bother me anymore. I can say I'm kinda used with Dru's voice now, so it was easier for me to stand it. However, I still got confused in some moments, just like with Strange Angels, having no idea where the hell some things came from.

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