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Semper Fi by Jane Harvey-Berrick
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Sheena's Review

Semper Fi is the story told by Sebastian Hunter from the Education of Caroline book in the Education Series. This story is about lost love and reconnection; you do not want to miss reading this book or series.

I loved both the Education of Sebastian and The Education of Caroline and when Jane told me she was doing a book from Seb’s POV I could not wait to get my greedy hands on it. Luckily I didn’t have to wait long with receiving the ARC to review.

This complete series is about Love, pure and simple .

As this book is written around Sebastian’s feelings in The Education of Caroline, it at times is very emotional. It is very well written and you get that sense of longing for both parties but the pain and hurt that Sebastian has gone through for years, comes out in full force in this book and literally brings you to your knees.

You feel everything that Seb and Caroline go through and feel which is pivotal to the story. You not only feel their pain and heartache but you feel and experience their anger, laughter and love and to me that takes you on a whole new journey. A journey of reconnection between these two.

Seb has to deal with so much when he meets Caroline again, these emotions he deals with are raw, they are real and you can’t help but feel for him. I literally want to pick him up and cradle him in your arms; he is that precious to me in this story.

It is not all plain sailing, they like any other couple have arguments, they fall out with each other but when they get it right boy do they get it right.

This story to me was all about reconnecting with your one true love and dealing with all that was thrown at you whether it is the good or the bad.

Jane Harvey-Berrick has always been a huge supporter of the Armed Forces both in the UK and USA and works tirelessly in helping to raise funds for Felix Fund and EOD Warrior Foundation and all the proceeds from this book will be going to both these charities.

This is a special cause to Jane and it is amazing how much she does for these charities, so please read this review, buy the book on ebook and paperback or simply just donate to these charities. These guys and girls keep our countries safe and we owe our lives to them all.

Both charities support the brave men and women who work or have worked in bomb disposal.
Remember, sales of Semper Fi supports these charities:

Felix Fund &
EOD Warrior Foundation

Gabri' Review

I have been hoping for this day.... I have been dreading this day..... The day has come eventually to say goodbye to perhaps the most beautiful couple in my literary world.
I must admit I have always wondered what Chief Hunter's thoughts and feelings might have been when he realizes that jurno Lee Venzi is actually his Caro: Shock?, Anger?, Outrage?, Heartbreak? Hope? All of the above and more, let me tell you. Being inside Sebastian's head gives a completely different perspective to the events already told in The Education of Caroline, and makes us privy to his painful growth into the wonderful human being he is meant to be.

Sebastian is no longer the sweet, sad teenager who found his little heaven in Carolne's arms. Since their most dramatic break-up occurred ten years before, Sebastian has had to cope with the feeling Caroline gave up on him, leaving him behind, never to look back. In the first half of the book, his struggle to reconcile his idea of what happened to them that fateful night, and his need to fulfil his teenage dreams of a life with his Caro, take front stage. As their story progresses, you'll be able to share a whole new range of emotions with him: his fear when he worries about Caroline's safety, or his blinding jealousy and rage when he sees her talking with other men; you will go through all the stages in Sebastian's physical and emotional recovery after the attack he suffered while on a mission in Afghanistan; you will sigh in relief and wipe a little tear away, when he realizes he still can make all his dreams come true. With Caro always at his side. Sempre e per sempre.

I will not lie, Sebastian's voice throwing all his hurt back in Caroline's face is hard to listen to but that moment also marks the beginning of his healing path. The more time they spend together, the more his youthful enthusiasm in having won his Caroline back comes through, and we witness his budding hopes bloomig into the happiest of realities. Their happiness is short lived though, and life puts their relationship to the test. Again. Sebastian has to adjust to a completely new reality; he has to grow up a little more in order to be the man he wants to be for Caroline. From hurt and pain, like a phoenix, a new Sebastian is born; a young man who is as conscious of all his blessing as he is of his shortcomings, a young man who knows what love can do.

I'm going to miss Caroline's witty comebacks and her solidity, her wisdom that only comes from experience and her determination to fight for what she has been building with Sebastian so far. Am I going to miss Sebastian the same way? No, It's going to be much, much, much worse. Why? Because Sebastian owns my heart.

Sharon's Review

Semper Fi is a walk through The Education of Caroline from Sebastian’s point of view.

I love the way Jane Harvey-Berrick tells a story. She creates characters that are so rich and multi-layered and by the end of her stories I feel I know the characters intimately. Even though I know the events of this story from reading The Education of Caroline revisiting the action through Sebastian’s eyes is a new experience and understanding of what they went through to get to their HEA. Seb’s experiences and emotions are powerful and so vivid that they jump off the page and fill my heart with love, sadness, anger, and, joy.

Poor Sebastian is at a low point at the start of the story and it is obvious that he is in a self-destructive frame of mind. Even ten years after losing Caroline he is still pining for her and deals with his loss by drinking too much, having a lot of one-night stands and other sexcapades that are hurting him physically, emotionally, and professionally.

Caroline isn’t faring much better. Although she is more independent and self-assured in her professional life her personal life is lacking. Neither one of these characters can forget and move on…thank God.

If you read and love The Education of Caroline you will be a fan of this book too. For the most part the events that occur are the same but it is the reliving them inside Sebastian’s head that makes the story new. This is a true romance with ups and downs, breakups and reconciliations, and second chances and a lot of love.

I like everything about this book. I like Caroline and Sebastian. I like how they work through their issues and come through their challenges to a better place. By the end you have a comprehensive look and understanding of Caro and Sebastian’s relationship. The execution of this retelling through Seb’s eyes is refreshing and enjoyable. Jane knows how to pull on the reader’s heartstrings and made me look at the life of a Marine with a new sense of awe and understanding of what they sacrifice.

I love that the proceeds from the sales of this book are going to a couple of great charities. I am hooked on Jane’s writing and the fact that she is using her talent to help others makes me commit to following her more closely in the future. Thanks Jane Harvey-Berrick for your beautiful stories and your generosity to others!

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