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Mind Games by Carolyn Crane
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Jan 18, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: fantasy, read-in-2011, adult, paranormal, urban-fantacy, i-own, romance
Read from January 18 to 28, 2011

This was such a nice change on my book genres. From the beginning till the end it had me captive. I routed for teams and found myself connected to Justine on many levels.

Let's start why I found Justine so appealing, she was ogling every man meat she came across. Not complaining, I do too. lol.

Justine leads a double life with her stoked up fear. And it's a relief for her when she finds herself without it but everything has a IF at the end of a bargain so does her new found freedom from dilutions.
Along the way she finds herself attracted to the boss along with a few others. And to be honest I was routing for the boss the entire book, even though she had a boyfriend most of the book.

Packared and Otto both very powerful man and both attracts Justine. No wonder girl was very confused till the very end. And frankly I am secretly hoping she ends up with the boss in the next book. *shifty eyes*

Overall a good book. There are mention of some smexing, mystery and little bit of sup world, I highly recommend it.

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Quotes Prangon Liked

Carolyn Crane
“I don't see how I could possibly move a napkin with the power of my mind," I say.
"All will be revealed."
"Did you just say, 'All will be revealed'?"
He looks up. "Yes."
"Who says, 'All will be revealed'?"
"I do," Packard says. "Just perform the task.”
Carolyn Crane, Mind Games

Carolyn Crane
“He pushes my lips open with his and we sink into each other. It’s crazy and wonderful every part of me is melty with desire. It’s all just breath and body between us.”
Carolyn Crane, Mind Games

Carolyn Crane
“God, Packard! Do you know how hard I worked at
it?” I twist up the napkin and whip it at him.
He deflects it. “There we go; I knew you could do it.”
My mouth falls open. “Very funny.”
He just laughs.
“I can’t believe you!”
Carolyn Crane, Mind Games

Carolyn Crane
“People want view of beauty. Pfft. I say, do not give me lies.”
Carolyn Crane, Mind Games

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Galla Glad you liked it! It really is out of the ordinary for Urban Fantasy--a nice change of a pace. Yay, you're Team Kabob!

Prangon It was a good book bb, thaks for the rec =D.
How do you come up with names like this, Team Kabob!! lmao. lmao.

Galla lol, I didn't make it up! Sam informed me that a group of fans designated themselves "Team Cucumber" for Otto (ha ha ha) and "Team Kabob" for Packard. I wish I could take credit for it, but the best I can do is pick a team. :P

Prangon Cucumber!! Umhhh that makes my brain all fuzzy with weird perved up thoughts.

OOOOO Which team are you?

Galla Kabob, for sure. After Book 1, I was kind of on the fence. After Book 2, there's absolutely no question about it.

Prangon hehehehe *my inner Lisa Simpson giggling has started, excuzee*

Just so excited for the next book *squeeee*

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