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it was amazing

Well, hello there. It's officially been two months since I actually finished a book, and it's been longer than that since I reviewed one. I almost forgot what it feels like to come to the last page of a book, read it, exhale slowly, and put the book down gently with that small spark of accomplishment raging deep inside you. Plus, the whole post-book sandwich thing that I've mentioned somewhere before and, again, may not be a real thing.

So, Rebecca... wow. It took me a month to read it because I started it in the midst of my yearly book slump. I put it down for a while, not because it sucked, but because books in general were just not doing it for me at that time in my life. I think this is a safe place to share that. Maybe you read all the time, nonstop, couldn't think of ever slowing down. That's awesome. I, on the other hand, set goals I can't accomplish and find myself too easily distracted by other stuff sometimes.

Anyway, for all of y'all out there in a similar situation where you're Netflixin' and chillin' or playing video games or enjoying the summer outside somewhere, and you come back to books like "Damn, I don't feel like reading and nothing even sounds good because right now I have some very specific needs of what I want a book to do to me and nothing is going to fit into these ridiculous categories I've outlined for myself plus I don't even really have time right now and the new season of Game of Thrones is starting soon..."

If you're feeling any of that, go grab a copy of Rebecca somewhere and relax. As I'm writing this review, I'm relaxing with a Community Mosaic IPA because 1) IPAs are awesome 2) this one is one of my local favorites and 3) I'm a hipster. Relax. Start reading Rebecca. Let it intoxicate you like too many sips of a local IPA. From the very beginning, the writing is amazing. It never lets up either. Every scene, every character, every event... they are all painted so beautifully and methodically. Sometimes you'll find yourself caught up in the suspense, and then a long paragraph describing the room interrupts, but it's just so sexy and feels so important that you don't even care. You don't even feel interrupted. It all feels necessary.

I took my time with the book early on, but gee whiz man I didn't drop the book much during the second half. I don't want to talk about the plot really, but the book did go places I wasn't expecting in a great way. There's a slow, suspenseful build that hangs in the air, and by the end you have to keep moving quickly as things unravel because it doesn't let up until the last page. Whew!!

I learned recently that Hitchcock directed the movie which makes perfect sense. If you like Hitchcock, you should enjoy this one. If you like good, well-written, slow-burning mysteries, this is for you. If you are a human with eyes functioning well enough to take in the words written in these pages, this is for you. Highly recommended. Kicked me right out of my slump and reminded me books are awesome.

And, I get to enjoy a fantastic sandwich today! Happy Independence Day, America!!

Update 7/9/17: The Hitchcock movie gets 5 stars, too. Check it out.
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Steven Godin Nice review Justin, glad you succumb to du Maurier's spookiness.
Great new profile pic, very smart!

Thomas Strömquist Glad you found a great one to get you out of that slump. Well chosen and great review!

message 3: by Jennifer (new) - added it

Jennifer Masterson Great review, Justin! I'm glad you found one you liked. Slumps are awful! I know all to well. :)

message 4: by Jennifer (new) - added it

Jennifer Masterson Too

message 5: by Lynne (new) - added it

Lynne What a great review !! Loved all your personal touches !!

Karen Great review Justin! I loved this book! Glad you enjoyed it!

message 7: by Sarah (new) - added it

Sarah Nice to have you back! I think I need to bump this one up to be to read list :)

Justin Thanks everyone! Good to get back into the swing of things again! Steven - thanks man. I think this is my third profile pic with sunglasses. I feel like it gives off this cool, calm, collected vibe that doesn't actually exist in real life which is what the Internet is all about right?

message 9: by Yvonne (new) - added it

Yvonne I know what you mean about reading slumps and overly ambitious resolutions to read more. I go through them myself and sometimes feel guilty about it. But there's only so many hours in the day really so sometimes reading takes a back seat. But it's always there when you need it. Good review.

message 10: by Warrengent (new)

Warrengent Great review.

message 11: by Andi (new) - rated it 4 stars

Andi Great review, it's awesome to find books that you connect with!

message 12: by Anita (new)

Anita Pomerantz One of my personal favorites - - excited to see you loved it!

message 13: by S.Pichai (new)

S.Pichai fail fail review.

Justin Yeah Anita - a lot of people say this is one of their favorites so I felt silly having never really heard of it. Now I understand why people say that though. 😃

Belle I so know what you mean! I had a huge Tbr. I dumped it off my dresser. Gave half of it away unread. Put the rest downstairs and out of sight. Canceled my book of the month club and started over. Still nothing was doing it for me. Now I'm back to rereading Anne of Green Gables books. Those are my "safe" books. Otherwise besides those I'm in a complete slump. I will try Rebeca.

Justin I think this one works well for situations like that because it combines the old and the new. It's written in a different setting and can feel dated, but also feels very fresh and contemporary all at the same time. Combines a lot of genres into a great overall mystery. I think fans of many genres can find something to love here.

Belle I was just lamenting to my husband last week that I was pretty sure I would never read a book again because I felt so slumpy.

message 18: by Ginger (last edited Jul 06, 2017 07:17AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ginger I'm glad you got out of your reading slump Justin. I loved Rebecca as well. I read it earlier this year and was surprised with how much I loved it!
Good luck with the rest of the year and if you have to, keep drinking IPAs in order to get through. Sounds like a solid plan. ;)

Justin IPAs make everything better, don't they?

message 20: by Juliette (new)

Juliette Oh, good. I thought I was the only one with a slump. I'm going on four months in mine.

Justin It's tough man, but it feels so refreshing jumping back in again. Maybe we shouldn't call it slump, more like a break. Just taking a break from reading. It's cool. That first book after the slump that brings you back is so good though. Like Rebecca for example.

message 22: by Juliette (new)

Juliette I should give Rebecca another try.

Justin Yes. Yes, you should. Absolutely.

Adina Brilliant review, Justin. I struggle with reading slumps as well from time to time. I hope you are past yours.

Justin Yeah! I think I've snapped out of it! Thanks!!

Carol (Bookaria) Great review, especially the personal touch. I had to google IPA BTW. I loved Rebecca when I first read it around 2006, I've been afraid to reread it and that it wouldn't maintain its greatness but your review got me excited about giving it a go again 😊

Justin Ah man, it's great. I just watched the movie, and it was just as awesome and stays very true to the book. Also, now that you've googled IPA go out and buy yourself a six pack and enjoy your Sunday! You can thank me later.

message 28: by Diana (new)

Diana Ahaha! I had to google IPA as well. Don't drink, though... Anyway, this is a great review and I had not heard of this book so now I am intrigued. I am on my "slump" as well and you perfectly wrote how I am feeling. Caught up on some shows and summer. :)

Lucie Moulton Rebecca came to be late as well… Friend gave me an out of print edition from the UK…❤️❤️❤️

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