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Wrong by Jana Aston
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Oct 13, 2015

really liked it

It is a wonderful side benefit of working on this blog to have an opportunity to read debut novels by authors that you know will have success and more beautiful stories to tell in the future. Wrong is the debut novel by Jana Aston and it is a very good first novel.

Sophie is a university senior with a history of falling for the wrong guy. While she is dating Mike, her current cad, she is fantasizing about one of her regular customers, Luke. Luke comes into the coffee shop (Grind Me) where she works every Tuesday. Everly, Sophie’s friend makes sure Sophie is the only person who serves him. Eventually Sophie has an unexpected meeting with Luke outside of Grind me in, of all places, the student clinic where she goes for birth control pills. Luke is the volunteer gynecologist the day of her appointment. How embarrassing!

Luke (a.k.a. Dr. Miller) is a highly accomplished infertility specialist. He is in his thirties, very attractive, highly successful and comes from money. His life is the exact opposite of Sophie but there is an attraction and a kind of Cinderella story unfolds. Luke is very protective of Sophie when he runs into her on a date. After that the doctor / patient relationship ends and a friendship/lust/love relationship begins.

The Characters:

I really like the main characters in this book. I appreciate that Luke is a little older and more mature than Sophie’s normal relationships. Sophie lost her mother at a young age. She doesn’t know her father and is raised by her grandparents. This early life experience makes Sophie more mature than most college girls and, therefore, it fits that she would fall for an older, established man.

Luke is a good man. He has parents that rub me the wrong way and I want to hit them a couple times in the book but he turns out just fine. He has a kind heart and likes people. He is a strong dominate personality. There are some very hot, nicely written sex scenes that can make a girl daydream. Anyway, you can feel these two falling in love as the pages turn.

I love the supporting characters. They are developed in a way that gives more insight into the real Sophie. The book is written from Sophie’s point of view so most of the “feels” are what Sophie allows the reader to feel; it is the ancillary characters that fill in some of the blanks. There are some really funny scenes that made me laugh out loud several times. These are mostly with her two best friends Everly and Jeannie but Sophie’s inner dialog at the clinic and other places with Jonathan is funny too.

The storyline:

I like the idea of a young girl falling for her prince charming on an exam table. The embarrassment experienced by both parties is funny. I also like the unknown of the main characters background revealing past hurts and hurdles to overcome before a relationship can be on solid ground. There are some parts that are predictable but it is predictable in a good way for me.

As debut novels go this one is very good. My only criticism is I feel that there are a couple things missing. I know Sophie and Gina had a verbal altercation in Luke’s office but I wanted Luke to say something to Gina and I wanted to be in on that conversation. The whole Luke/Gina story arc felt incomplete. The same thing with Luke’s parents, the reader never sees Luke stand up for Sophie to his parents. That made me a little angry. I get that we are seeing things unfold from Sophie’s point of view but why didn’t she mention the inappropriate comments to Luke and why didn’t Luke defend his woman. Finally I wanted to see Sophie introduce Luke to her grandparents. Since they play such an important role in her life it seems to me that needs to happen.

I’m hoping that there are plans in the future to write a couple books with the other characters. I want to know more about Everly and Boyd. Maybe if there are plans for more books some of these unanswered or incomplete arcs could be fit in. I really hope there is more. Great job Jana!
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