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Without Warning by John Birmingham
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Jan 17, 2011

really liked it

Without Warning was written by John Birmingham who is similar, in my opnion, to S.M. Stirling. In Without Warning most of the mainland US is wipped out by "the Wave." Now the survivors have to try and keep the rest of the US running while in two wars and not having a funcitional federal government. In Without Warning the author changed characters at major points to build suspense, this book also had a lot of action to keep you reading, and finally Without Warning was a good Sci-Fi/Alternative History book.
In Without Warning there were a few main characters they were Caitlin, Jules, General Musso, Admiral Ritchie, Jed Culver, James Kipper, and Bret Melton. None of these characters were relatable to me because all of them were older and most of them had some type of military expiernce and the others had the weight of the world on their shoulders. One thing John Birmingham did to keep up the suspense was to change characters which was good but it did start getting annoying but it also kept me reading which is what he wanted.
This book has a lot of action in it. If you like action books then Without Warning would be a good book. Much of the action thought is very graphic so i wouldn't suggest reading this book if graphic scenes in a book unsettle you.
Without Warning is a Sci-Fi/Alternative History book that takes place right after Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003 Iraq War) starts. That part of the book dealing with how the US handles the war is the Alternative History part. The Sci-Fi part is the huge wave that is covering most of the US, Canada, and Mexico. If you like either Alternative History, Sci-Fi, or Action books I would suggest reading Without Warning.
In Without Warning, John Birmingham does a good job of keeping the suspense by changing characters even if it did get annoying after awhile. Without Warning has a lot of action in the book and is never slow. It also is more than just one type of genre which will get more people into the book. This was a great book and I am happy i read it.

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